Lil JonLil Jon’s long-delayed Crunk Rock album is almost become as mythical as Dre’s long-awaited Detox album, in the sense that both producers have been working on the respective projects for years now. But, Jon is back in the studio, trying to finish it.

In a recent interview, Jon revealed that he’s been in the studio trying to finish the rap/rock hybrid, and is sticking to the plan to release it.

The project was first scheduled to drop in 2006, but year after year, it was pushed back. Then, his battle with long time record label, TVT, halted its release even further.

In 2008, he was finally released from his TVT contract, and was free to sign a new deal. Now, Jon says he’s back in the studio, trying to complete Crunk Rock, so it can drop early next year.

“We’re pretty much like 80 percent done,” he told the Associated Press of the project, which would be his first solo album. “It’s probably one of my best albums to date in the sense that it’s got a little bit of everything that I know everybody’s going to groove to.”

Right now, Jon says the tracks he wants on the album are there. All he needs to do now is put on the finishing touches.

The 38-year-old producer revealed that the stress of recording for Crunk Rock eventually forced him to take a break from recording all together. But, he found himself DJing again, and it got him back on track.

“It got me back to my core, and when I started as a DJ, I loved making people dance,” Jon told the AP. “That’s what I’m getting back to.”