Eric Wright - NFLBrowns cornerback, Eric Wright, was involved in a single car accident in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday morning (October 23), flipping his car on a wet highway on-ramp.

Reports say the 24-year-old NFL player rolled his Mercedes during the early morning hours of Friday, as he drove home from a Jay-Z concert he attended. His vehicle lost control due to wet conditions.

Wright was transported to MetroHealth Hospital after the accident, examined and later release.

He was able to make it to the Browns’ training camp Friday morning. However, the team sent him for more tests.

Head coach Eric Mangini said he was happy that Wright was ok, but added: “I wouldn’t necessarily be out at 2:10 in the morning, but we don’t have curfew year-round,” he said. “I’d rather everybody be home, but guys do go out. You don’t want to see anybody in a bad accident or any situation like that. I much prefer that guys were in, but it’s a personal decision.”

Mangini said he was hopeful Wright would be able to play in Sunday’s (October 25) home game against the Packers.

Wright’s car suffered substantial damage and was and towed. Police did not ticket him.

The Browns’ rookie, James Davis, was also hurt in a one car accident this year and now is out for the season, after a separate injury sustained in practice.