T.I.T.I. has been serving his prison sentence since late May, so nearly five months of incarceration. So, what has he been doing with his time? Well, he has several different activities to help him pass the time.

During a recent interview with AllHipHop, T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, explained that the rapper is keeping himself busy with sports, such as handball, in addition to staying up-to-date with what’s going on within the hip-hop industry.

“He’s doing good. He’s passing the time by working out and just doing things they do inside,” Tiny said. “He’s playing handball and things like that. I go see him every Sunday, sometimes on Mondays. We talk everyday. He gets e-mails, [he’s] working out and doing things like that, so he’s busy in there. He has a full schedule.”

She also went on to say that T.I. is concerned with her well-being, and has asked her to stay at home, unless absolutely necessary to come out.

“He wants me to stay out the way, me being out of harm’s way,” Tiny explained. “I know it’s a lot of crazy things going on so I try to stay in as much as possible because I don’t have him here,” she said. “So I come out only when it’s necessary. I stay out the way.”

T.I. is serving a year and a day in a plea deal he reached over a 2007 felony weapons charge.

While he’s served nearly five months, he has some time ahead of him. T.I. isn’t scheduled to be released from prison until March 2010.