50 Cent50 Cent has always been one that would turn his back on you if you sided with his enemies — Fat Joe and Jadakiss saw it, and even The Game witnessed it. What if Dr. Dre was the one working with Fif’s foes?

That happened recently, when a new photo of Dre in the studio with The Game popped up on Twitter. So, what does 50 think? Is there tension?

In a recent interview with Complex.com, 50 was asked this very question, and said no matter what, he’d never diss Dr. Dre.

“There’s no tension. There will never be a beef between 50 Cent and Dre,” he explained. “And it’s not based on 50 and Dre’s relationship, it’s based on Eminem and Dre’s relationship. My relationship with Em is what Em’s relationship is to Dre. If I was to say something disrespectful to Dre, it would effect Em and I value that relationship too much. So I won’t say anything, I’ll never say anything negative about Dre.”

As far as the super-producer back in the studio, working with The Game, 50 explained that it’s probably better that he doesn’t give an opinion on that specific situation.

“I don’t care,” said 50. “It’s better that you shut up sometimes than for you to actually express your judgments when you’re close to home.”

His issues with The Game were played out for all to see over the past few years. But as the interview, 50 admitted he never even really knew much about the Compton rapper. He says he worked with him for a short period of time, and in the end, aligning himself with the rapper was just a business decision.

“I really don’t know Game. I worked with the kid for six days,” said 50. “I have bigger issues with the actual system, the company, people who work in it. Initially, people would be like, ‘Yo, we know you wrote the f***ing records! You think we give a f*** about that?’ Game built this thing on the West Coast, they desperately needed him to come out — they didn’t have anybody since Snoop. That’s what made it a good business opportunity to begin with.

In the Complex interview, 50 Cent goes on to speak on his forthcoming album Before I Self Destruct, Jay-Z, an incident in his past with Diddy, and Eminem not being included on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list.

Check out the full interview over at Complex.com.