Wyclef JeanWhen the Fugees dropped their second album The Score in 1996, it went to become one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all-time, selling over 18 million copies worldwide.

Since then, fans have waited anxiously, anticipating a possible reunion that has yet to happen.

In 2004, the trio — consisting of female rapper Lauryn Hill, Pras and Wyclef Jean — reunited for a concert in New York, then followed up with their first first televised appearance in almost ten years at BET’s 2005 Music Awards.

Finally, the re-grouped and headed on tour in Europe from November 30 to December 20, followed by a free show in Hollywood in 2006.

After all this, the Fugees had the world buzzing that a reunion album could be coming. They obliged with a brand new track, called “Foxy”, that leaked to the net, fueling rumors that the trio were back in the studio … finally.

However, nothing ever materialized, and rumors surfaced that both Pras and Wyclef were having problems working with Lauryn Hill.

There’s still hope though right?

Well, Wyclef sat down with Angela Yee recently for her The Morning After Sirius Satellite show, and didn’t seem to think there was any hope left in his former group reuniting.

“The Fugees getting back together, the magic of it would have been the trust factor,” he explained. “They gotta be willing to put their career in my hands and I’ve got them, which means like if I’m like ‘Do this in the studio, you used to do it before,’ so why you don’t wanna do it now?

“To me, they’re great and they’re gonna always be great,” Wyclef continued. “But the Fugees, it’s better that it leaves the myth vibe. Like The Score is a myth. When you hear it, it’s a myth. It was done in the basement. Like you don’t wanna go from there to do a sequel and you’ve destroyed your complete myth.”

Still, Wyclef says Lauryn Hill is one of the best female talents he’s ever worked with, period.

“When I met Lauryn she was 14. Til today, I’ve worked with a whole lot of women in the studio … her talent surpasses talent,” he said. “She’s the best rapper, she’s the best singer. It’s all equal. It’s not like she’s gonna sing a song and when she rhymes she’s gonna slack on it.”

There you have it. There’s always wishful thinking, but a Fugees reunion anytime soon, doesn’t seem likely. But, as mentioned, fans can always hope for the best.