Need Your Swine Flu Vaccination? Find Provider Locations Inside

By Miles Bennett  |  10/20/2009

2009-10-20 - Swine fluSince 2008, the H1N1 influenza virus (aka the Swine Flu) has been on the rise, with 2009 recording more cases than the previous year.

So, if you haven't already, it may be time to get your vaccination ... because it's spread through all 50 states by now, and most of the world, according to reports. recently posted links to find locations in your area, so we thought we'd share them as well.

Links to H1N1 vaccination locations in major cities are below:

- California
- New York
- Florida
- Ohio
- Illinois
- Georgia
- Pennsylvania
- Texas

For a full list of locations from other states, head over to the national flu shot locator at