2009-04-02 - Kayne West and Spike JonzeNews of their collaboration first surfaced back in April, and now, Kanye West and Spike Jonze’s highly-anticipated re-hookup dropped over the weekend.

The rapper debuted the clip on his blog over the weekend (KanyeUniverseCity.com), but took it down by Monday (Octobter 19).

The 11-minute short film, titled “We Were Once a Fairytale,” was directed by Spike, and stars Kanye West.

In it, there’s a lot of odd things going on. West is shown acting drunk and obnoxious, and in one weird scene, he vomits paper.

And, at the end of it, he stabs himself with a sword and pulls what appears to be a little demon out of his stomach. He then gives the demon a sword, and it stabs itself.

According to reports, the video was produced within the past year.

It’s unclear why West posted the clip, and removed it so quickly.

The full clip is below: