Lupe FiascoAlthough superstars like Kanye West and Jay-Z have collabo’d with him and co-signed him, they aren’t Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco favorite rapper of all-time.

However, the artist he says is might surprise you.

In a message posted on his official MySpace page ( last week, Lupe revealed that revealed that he’s created a new song, specifically for the upcoming “Twightlight” film, “New Moon,” which he says is inspired by his fave “rapper” — Anthony Keidis of the rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“The song basically deals with the chaotic love story that takes place between the characters,” the rapper said of “Solar Midnite,” the track he created for the film. “It’s more on the rock side of my musical catalog and comes straight from my die hard fanhood of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthony Keidis, one of my FAVORITE RAPPERS.”

According to Lupe, he was asked by the team behind the film to create a track for them. So, he was able to preview an unfinished version of the film to draw inspiration, and then went to work.

“They invited me to an early screening of the unfinished film from which I pulled different elements that I thought would translate into a great song,” explained Lupe. “I pulled in vocalist and bassist Graham Burris and acclaimed musician Matt Nelson to help fill it out my vision musically and joila ‘Solar Midnite’ was born.”

The “New Moon” soundtrack is available on iTunes now.