Mase Surprises Diddy At ATL Radio Station Asking Him To Sign Freedom Papers — Did Diddy Release him?

2009-10-19 - Diddy and MaseIt’s been over five years since Mase returned to the hip-hop game and dropped Welcome Back. Since then, new works from the Harlem rapper has been sporadic.

At one point, he became affiliated with 50 Cent’s G-Unit label, but Fiddy and Diddy couldn’t come to an agreement to release Mase from his contract under Bad Boy Records.

Well, he’s free now.

Mase surprised Diddy earlier this month, when he showed up at V-103 in Atlanta where the hip-hop mogul was doing an interview, and hit him with his walking papers in front of everybody.

Diddy must’ve been feeling nice that day, because he signed the document, and Mase became ecstatic, with an ear-to-ear grin for the rest of the radio interview.

ATL blogger, K.I.M. (, caught in on camera exclusively, so you can see it’s legit.

“The receptionist wasn’t at her desk, so I opened the door for [Mase], I was shocked to see him,” she wrote in a blog entry. “I’m like ‘What’s this? A Bad Boy reunion or some sh**’. Mase was like ‘Nah Kim, I came up here for this (shoving a letter in my face) when I read the letter I was like ‘OHHHHHHHHHH you wilding. Wow, we gonna see what happens.'”

After Diddy signed it, he hopped back on the radio, and revealed what just happened.

“Be clear, he has the freedom to go do whatever, you know, he wants to do,” Diddy explained. “People have felt like, our situation, I may have stopped him or whatever … he can do whatever he wanna do. Everybody’s clear, if you want them Mase verses, you can get your hustle on right now.”

While it was first believed that Mase was completely freed from his Bad Boy Records contract, Miss Info reports that the papers Diddy signed only gives Mase the freedom to appear on songs with other artists. So, in other words, he’s still signed to Bad Boy and can’t seek out another deal, but can do features.

Following the interview, a happy Mase admitted that he was surprised Diddy freed him. “I ain’t used to Puff doing good stuff,” he said.

  1. Sh*t, you had me thinkin we were gonna have a Diddy free Ma$e release, misleading as f*ck. Ma$e needs to decide where his heart is bacause all this runnin around changin his mind is just pissin me off, get back to that Harlem World sh*t Mason!!!

  2. Puff didn’t really do anything good. He was just caught off-guard and wanted to keep that good guy image. He’s still the devil.

  3. Mase is a phony ass Kirk Fakin trying to ride with G unit that’s God like huh?we all know Puff ain’t shit but a lying foul piece of shit.

  4. I know bizzness is bizzness and i dont know the real realationship between mase and diddy but mase could have handle it alil bit more proffessionally. I think that was inappropritate but its a dirty game and everyone aint clean.

  5. Man DIddy been Fu*King people for years. All I can say is Karma is a bitch.

  6. well if this is a fraud or a stunt – from what I see it worked but my man mase betha can preach. Sometime he gets a little lazy but that happens to all of us. He can really preach. Go pastor mase. GOD got bigger and better plans for you.

  7. First of all, dont forget who fed the horse mutherfuckers, Puffy Gave Mase Light, Platinum Records, Mase should be more grateful than to say I aint used to Puff doing good stuff, thats like saying Mase never saw a dime of his record sales, please!

  8. Does anyone really care to hear this clown rap or preach these days?

  9. What kind of Iron Clad contract did Mase sign back in 1996? It’s been 13 years and puff still got his hands in this mans pockets… that’s a damn shame.

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