DMX Show In Colorado Turns Into Riot After Rapper Isn’t Allowed To Perform

DMXA scheduled show in Colorado Springs, Colorado for DMX turned into a riot on Friday (October 16), after the rapper wasn’t denied access to the stage to perform by security guards.

According to reports, X arrived at the venue at around 11:00 p.m. — which was put on by non-profit organization American Charities — but he was told he could not perform because he was supposed to be there by 9:30 p.m., so fans were told he wasn’t coming.

When the rapper clashed with security over being denied entry, he became irate. At some point, security threatened to arrest the rapper.

“[Arrest me] for what?! You ain’t no police!” DMX argued. “I’ve been paid to perform.”

Despite warnings, DMX tried to force his way onstage, and this is when authorities tackled him to the ground. His entourage and fans joined the fracas, and DMX’s publicist Pam Pinnock reportedly suffered a minor concussion and face laceration after being trampled on the floor.

The rapper did finally make it to the stage, but wasn’t given the sound system to put on the show.

Details are still sketchy, but some reports say that American Charities denied X from performing because they didn’t have the cash to cover his show rate. He was reportedly paid an $8,000 deposit, with another $7,000 coming after the show’s completion.

Instead of informing DMX’s management, the show promoters allegedly opted to completely cancel the set rather then negotiate a new arrangement.

Below is a clip of some DMX and a security guard arguing backstage:

  1. Colorado Springs is so racist. They don’t even want the Soldiers that are BLACK here. I hate this place for that! Anytime we have urban artist come to this Hick ass town they find some kind of way to shut it down. RACISM is still alive especially in COLORADO!

  2. Dmx cause choas anywhere he goes and I love him. Yeah. What’s on yall n i gga minds f ucking with d?!

  3. yes racism is alive and well but guess what it never died and it will not until GOD return.

  4. He is so stupid…wish he was arrested for trespassing. THUGS


  6. DMX is one of the realest and best to ever do it, but let’s be real, dude has NO respect for others. I stay on the hunt for racism, but THIS was not racism. Yall seem to overlook the fact that he was due ONSTAGE at 930 and showed up 2 hours late!! He has made a habit of bein late for shows! What would happen to ANY of us if we showed up to the J.O. 2 hours late!? We need to stop pulling the race card so fast and look at ourselves and see where WE fall short! P.E.A.C.E.

  7. PS…If they were THAT racist, would they had even booked him to begin with!? AND, if they were THAT racist, wouldn’t he be in a jail cell right now!? Cmon yall, THINK! And X, get it together Cuzzo, we need another album!!

  8. I see where You edited out where his enterage hit the security guard and where the CSPD Seargent pointed to DMX and said to come here and he ran like a little bitch!! Nice editing guys!! Bravo…Bravo!!

  9. I will be the first to adnitt that DMZ do need to clean up his antics & quirks..However,@Bigshot2-he was 1 and a half late..In addition you should not compare regular 9-5 jobs to entertainment jobs..I do truly believe that if DMX was white they would of let him perform..

    AND@You Lie, learn how to spell-its spell entourage,NOT enter age..Geeze! Where is your copy of the tape that u claim they supposably edit???

  10. C’mo man face the American soceity is scared of Black men like DMX.Security is scared of his crew plus he should’ve came on time as scheduled.Those security guys wouldn’t try that crap in NYC in the hood,they probaly would’ve got shot.I live in Harlem,thugs don’t give a fuck about the police trust me.

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