The Simpsons“The Simpsons” are turning 20, and to celebrate, they’re allowing one lucky person the chance to create their own yellow character for the long-running animated TV series.

On the official website (, it Fox says they will fly the lucky winner out out to Los Angeles to “meet with an actual artist from ‘The Simpsons’ who will bring your character to life.”

Contests are asked to enter a number of traits about their possible character, including a name, alias, age, gender, occupation, hair color, catchphrases and even blood type “just in case,” the form says.

The new Springfield resident will appear in an early 2010 episode featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay as guest star.

The winner will be chosen by the show’s executive producer Al Jean, and the series’ creator Matt Groening.

“It’s gotta be a human being. We’ve narrowed it down that much,” Jean told the Associated Press.

Jean explained that the contest was create to give back to the fans, because of their overwhelming support over the years.

“We can’t thank them enough,” he said. “We’re now in uncharted waters: We’ve gone longer than any scripted show in prime-time history. It’s a cliche, but it wouldn’t be so except for these people who’ve loved the show all these years.”

According to the AP, the contest’s winning character
will appear in the episode in which Homer disappoints wife Marge by arriving late at a wedding after stopping to buy a lottery ticket.

He encounters the new face while rushing to the ceremony, Jean said, adding that it’s possible the character could pop up on the series again.

“The Simpsons” first aired their regular episode in January 1990 after a 1989 Christmas special. It’s still running today, and has been renewed through the 2010-11 season.