The Charts: Fat Joe Fails To Make Impact With J.O.S.E. 2

2009-10-15 - Fat Joe's J.O.S.E. 2New releases from Michael Buble, rockers Kiss, and country singer Toby Keith dominated during this week’s Billboard 200, but Jay-Z and Mariah are still making their presence known within the top 10 while Fat Joe and Saigon fail to make major impacts.

Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 moved up one notch to no. 5 this week, selling 65,000 to help him reach the platinum mark, while Mariah Carey’s latest Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel slipped four spots to no. 7 with 54,000 copies sold.

The last urban release within the top 20 is Whitney Houston’s I Look To You, landing at no. 13 with 36,000 copies sold this week.

As far as new releases, there’s Fat Joe’s J.O.S.E. 2, and Saigon’s indie release Warning Shots 2.

Joey Crack’s J.O.S.E. 2 album opens at a disppointing no. 73, selling just 8,300 copies, while Saigon’s release sells just 3,100 copies.

And that wraps things up this week.

According to, overall album sales in this past chart week (ending Oct. 11) totaled 6.27 million units, down 9% compared to the sum last week (6.87 million) and down 2% compared to the same sales week of 2008 (6.41 million).

  1. I respect Joes music but he picked the wrong side back in 05. Lean Back still a banger to this day but it must have been cursed. Joe = going broke with dismal sales. Remy = lockdown. Storch = broke and strung out.

  2. 8,300 copies!!! Dude don’t even got 10,000 die hard fans??? There are 43 thousand cities in the united states so he doesn’t even have at least one fan in each city? SMH

  3. Fat Joe`s album sucks ass to the 3rd Power just like 50 saidi listened to it lastnight.

  4. Niggas just ain’t checking for fat Joe anymore but he should have known his luck was going to run out like he ran out on big puns family. Karma is a bitch!!!!!!!

  5. Damn Joe, say it aint so.
    I dont think 50 had anything to do with that though. He doesnt have that HUGE hit out there on the radio with this album. But Joe was, is and always represents true Hip-Hop. So it’s all good.

  6. Fat joe is on a indie label so he don’t have to do big numbers even though I stopped fuckin with him after don cartagena ..cds will still sell if ppl put out quality music.we still suffering economically so that’s the major part

  7. That’s cuz Joe was dumb enough to go indie and think his shit would sell without any real promotion.

  8. he should just stop raping ITS OVER for him, 50 that my nigga ggggg—unit bitch yal go in get that 50 cd when it comes out

  9. Nigga 50 is whack your whack for liking his no skills fake ass run with 2 gay niggas in banks and Gayo bitch ass bruh fat joe Suck To….Yuck fiffty betta cop that Boosie

  10. This guy was in the game when your crack smokin mama’s were conceiving ya’ll. Unless your a huge name no one is selling so stop acting like pussy 50 had anything to do with it.


  12. indie is the way to go.Joe issue is he kinda lost touch with his true sound

    Because NYC itself can’t support can’t support it’s own rappers and the idiotic 50 cent mania also destroyed the entire city as well.
    I Don’t blame joe for leaving NY, cause he got sick of the bullshit that’s killing it.

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