Mike Tyson
via Eduardo Merille / CC-BY-2.0

Mike Tyson’s memorable and emotional appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Monday (October 12) has not only given a big boost in exposure for his new documentary “Tyson,” but it is also resulting a reunion … with boxing rival Evander Holyfield, who Tyson bite during their second fight in June 1997.

During Tyson’s interview with Oprah, he discussed the infamous ear-biting incident, explaining that he was frustrated with Holyfield following numerous headbutts, as well as his toughness.

He admitted that he’s never really spoken to Holyfield since it happened, and Oprah is making that happen.

Both legendary boxers will reunite on her show on Friday (October 16), during a follow-up interview where Tyson will take questions from the studio audience and speak about the overwhelming reaction he’s had from his first interview.

The episode will air live on Friday (check local listings for times). For more information, visit Oprah.com.

Also during Friday’s show, Oprah will give viewers a first look at the new Michael Jackson documentary.