Lil Wayne on Jay-Z’s ‘D.O.A.’ Track: ‘Auto-Tune Ain’t Dead … T-Pain Is My Dude’

Lil WayneIt’s been months since Jay dropped his controversial “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)” track, but it’s still making waves.

As of late, the tension over the song between the rapper and T-Pain has continued to build. First Pain dissed him in Vegas, then he clarified his comments saying he was frustrated, and then even dropped a track apologizing.

One artist who has utilized the auto-tune program is Lil Wayne, and if you ask him if he thinks it’s dead, he’ll tell you … no way.

In a recent interview with BBC’s Tim Westwood, he was asked that very question. Weezy said the auto-tune effect is not dead, and isn’t going to die any time soon if he has any say in the matter.

“I was starting to think about naming my album — I got a new album coming out. I was gonna name it — after the Rebirth 1 — we gonna name it Rebirth 2: Rebirth of Auto-Tune,” Weezy said with a laugh.

He’s joking, but as Wayne continued, he said he’s in T-Pain corner when it comes to Jay’s attempt to axing the popular trend.

“Stop it, stop it. Nah, there’s no such thing as ‘Death of Auto-Tune.’ T-Pain is my dude,” the rapper said. “He’s on everybody single, he’s been on everybody single, and he had auto-tune on every single one of them. So, every song I do with him, he better have auto-tune on it.

“I love it. Keep your auto-tune popping. Auto-tune ain’t dead, you got the whole game using that. Don’t talk about the music I’ve heard [out in the UK], everybody is using auto-tune out here too. So, no death of auto-tune. I’ve heard songs [out in the UK]. You know at home, everybody got auto-tune. You can’t find a song without auto-tune,” he continued.

According to the rapper, there’s nothing wrong with using the vocal tuner, even if the market is being saturated by it. His only requirement is that if you do it, make sure it’s done right.

“I say ‘If you know how to use it right — nah, if the song sound nice, do it.’ Why not?” Wayne said. “Auto-tune is like dollars. They didn’t make auto-tune to say ‘You can’t use it.’ Use it.”

  1. Sounds like damage limitation to me. Why Weezy wait until now to voice up?? i agree though, T Pain is still gonna eat and you all know Kanye and Weezy are still gonna use that shit, if you sell a mill and go plat with it in use why would a mediocre song like DOA change that??

  2. People are a bunch of jock riders… Jay-Z said Death of Auto Tunes and then everybody agreed that it should be abolished. Is Jay-Z GOD or somebody? If it sounds good use it and if it doesn’t then leave it alone.

  3. Yo im wit wayne on this one, if people want to use auto tune let’em use it. Now it seems to me that jay-z is hat’en on auto tune and jay shouldn’t be like that. People need to understand that hip hop is evolving and new things go always come up. We can’t live in the run dmc era and rakim era 4 ever, its time for new shit to arise and in this case its auto tune so deal wit it

  4. I bet anybody that weezy want be using autotune on his own album espically if he wants to stay in the rankings for best rapper. Jay made a statement and everybody follow

  5. No. It’s dead all right. It’s dead. Just watch.

  6. of course lil wayne is gonna support auto-tune, that’s how dude blew up. once he teamed with T-pain on a few joints and started using that shit, suddenly people all on his nuts.

  7. Jay Z did what he wanted the single to do, cause a buzz. I read some of these comments and everybody is woofin’ at how many dick riders Jay Z has? Don’t diss on Jigga, diss the riders. Jay Z doesnt like auto tune, bottom line.

  8. auto tune will never die until wackness does and wackness ain’t dying no time soon. Auto – tune out!!!

  9. fuck a auto tune, fuck a wayne, fuck a tpain, all that shit is gay as hell, get out of here with that bullshit, im from flint michigan, we dont fuck with no whack ass rappers with auto tunes if you is a real ass nigga then why you need to change your voice? what you sound like a fag or something?

  10. Jay was trying to kill pains career, stay in ur lane, grown as matherfucker. Knocking on pains hustle thought u said u will never do that.

  11. @ B-Mo i couldn’t agree with you more. I come from the Hip Hop era. I listen to Krs Rakim Tribe Called Quest Das Efx Big Pac Jay Nas Three 6 Gucci etc. People always complaining but if you dont like it then STFU theres a remote for you to change the channel. I like the fact that hip op is evolving even though i miss the old sound but you gotta change with time

  12. Yall niggaz need to use your ears when you’re listenin to what people are sayin. Aint no way Jay was trying to kill Pain’s career, he was talkin about EVERYBODY ELSE on the auto-tune thing. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear some new cat – some nobody – T-Painin and whatnot. Everybody knows Pain is doin it right… it’s them niggaz doin it wrong that’s the problem.

  13. And last thing I’ll do is listen to Weezy… done lost his mind with this Rebirth bullshit. He only using auto-tune cuz he knows he can’t hold a note.

  14. I know some of you hate the idea of hating on autotune. Its ok to hear in spurts, but some people rely on it ’cause they suck at singing. As stated earlier, as long as we want hot people singing, autotunes is unfortunately here to stay.

  15. Hov…the samee nigga that was going to use autotune on BP3 is mad because he realized he sounded like shit on it. At the end of the day, pain spawned hits…take it or leave it

  16. what jay needs to do is do a song called “DOGAG” DEATH OF GAY ASS GLASSES!!! i swear him and kanye look like some ghetto librarians with those no prescription shits they constantly rockin!

  17. @Frame :
    Lil wayne dont need to hold a note as long as his lyrics stay good. If your good a rapping you dont have to sing if your good at singing you dont have to rap.

  18. @tari:
    wayne dont even write his own lyrics so that nigga should just get the hell out of music, and stick to paying off all that child support he’s bout to owe

  19. Who cares all three of them should stop making music. They all suck.


  21. Autotune is a Gimmick. If you can’t put out a hot record without being on the latest trend then you don’t deserve any respect. T-pain did his thing with autotune and no one is trying to take that from him but when you got rappers trying to become singers it’s a problem. What makes anyone special if anyone can get on autotune, sound like t-pain and get radio play for it… so it deserves to die. Leave it to T-pain.. everybody else step your game up..

  22. jay z is wack as fuckkkk, he dissin niggas using autotune and hes fuckin homo tight with kanye who is king of shitty autotune….doesnt make sense to me

  23. how many of yall niggaz have bought a song or call tone or album that incorporated auto tune?I wanna say most.most the shit that’s been out and sellin like hot cakes has used it and most of yall have supported it one way or another.if you don’t like it,don’t buy it,simple as that.who is jay or anyone else to say what stays or goes?that thug acts like he created rap or something that arrogant now of days is all watered down period,and digitally mastered because most are garbage.

  24. Its not gonna last much longer, If T-Pain doesnt keep comin up with new albums and new uses often, its gonna die. T-Pain is the only thing holding it alive.

  25. LMAO at y’all haters, Auto-Tune is gay as fuck and T-Pain is the only one who can make some good shit with that. Lil Wayne is a joke and Rebirth felt off to number 2 on billboard. Lil Wayne was only lucky with the death of Static Major on his Lollipop single. He’s over. Jay-Z dissed the Auto-Tune on a full track released as a single and guess what? It won the best rap solo performence at the Grammy Awards. JAY-Z is the King of Hip-Hop!!!

  26. Jay-z is not dissing autotune he is dissing the people who start to use it to make up for having no talent

  27. jays sayin it shouldnt be overused thats all hes not trying to kill any1s career or anything

  28. Tpains gone and Wayne is still at the top…..that is all that counts now.

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