Lil WayneIt’s been months since Jay dropped his controversial “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)” track, but it’s still making waves.

As of late, the tension over the song between the rapper and T-Pain has continued to build. First Pain dissed him in Vegas, then he clarified his comments saying he was frustrated, and then even dropped a track apologizing.

One artist who has utilized the auto-tune program is Lil Wayne, and if you ask him if he thinks it’s dead, he’ll tell you … no way.

In a recent interview with BBC’s Tim Westwood, he was asked that very question. Weezy said the auto-tune effect is not dead, and isn’t going to die any time soon if he has any say in the matter.

“I was starting to think about naming my album — I got a new album coming out. I was gonna name it — after the Rebirth 1 — we gonna name it Rebirth 2: Rebirth of Auto-Tune,” Weezy said with a laugh.

He’s joking, but as Wayne continued, he said he’s in T-Pain corner when it comes to Jay’s attempt to axing the popular trend.

“Stop it, stop it. Nah, there’s no such thing as ‘Death of Auto-Tune.’ T-Pain is my dude,” the rapper said. “He’s on everybody single, he’s been on everybody single, and he had auto-tune on every single one of them. So, every song I do with him, he better have auto-tune on it.

“I love it. Keep your auto-tune popping. Auto-tune ain’t dead, you got the whole game using that. Don’t talk about the music I’ve heard [out in the UK], everybody is using auto-tune out here too. So, no death of auto-tune. I’ve heard songs [out in the UK]. You know at home, everybody got auto-tune. You can’t find a song without auto-tune,” he continued.

According to the rapper, there’s nothing wrong with using the vocal tuner, even if the market is being saturated by it. His only requirement is that if you do it, make sure it’s done right.

“I say ‘If you know how to use it right — nah, if the song sound nice, do it.’ Why not?” Wayne said. “Auto-tune is like dollars. They didn’t make auto-tune to say ‘You can’t use it.’ Use it.”