RZA Says The Wu-Tang Clan Almost Didn’t Happen

Wu-Tang ClanThe Wu-Tang Clan almost didn’t happen? Really?

Yep, according to the group’s leader RZA, there was a couple of incidents that almost stopped the legendary nine-man crew from ever coming together to form like Voltron.

In an interview with CNN, the producer/rapper reveals that he details an incident in the early 90s — which he writes about in his new book The Tao of Wu — when Wu member Method Man was almost gunned down in a drive-by.

RZA says that Meth was walking down a block in Staten Island to buy some weed, and he spotted him and called him over.

“Come over here, yo!” he said, as written in his new book. “He stopped and came running over. A few seconds later — pow-pow-pow-pow-pow! — a guy started shooting up the front of 160. A buddy of ours, Poppy, an innocent, school-going, nice guy — he was shot and killed right there.”

Their friend died, but they lived on, and eventually went on to become one of New York’s and hip-hop’s most legendary groups — launching nine successful solo careers and acting careers as well.

That wasn’t the only “what ifs” though. RZA almost caught a case one year before they formed in 1993, which would’ve put him behind bars for eight years. But, he was acquitted.

RZA says that if one, or both of those situations took place, the Wu-Tanf Clan would’ve never come to fruition.

“Either one of those incidents could definitely have derailed it. Of course, myself being the abbot, the one who came with the idea, if I wouldn’t have made it out of that tumultuous time — it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it out of it; there was a lot of odds against me — but we stood strong, and self-defense made sense to the jury. We beat that,” he told CNN.com.

RZA’s book, The Tao of Wu, hits stores October 15th. It’s available on Amazon.com for $16.50.

  1. i can hear a big sigh of relief from New York and hip hop, Meth was the break out star and the one i’ve consistantly listened to since the 36 chambers. and without RZA they would just be 7 streeet hustlers and 1 certified crackpot lol no disrespect to Dirty, RIP OSIRUS

  2. All of tha WU albums are still better than 99% of this trash ass 106&Park shit polluting todays population…

  3. this WU book seems to be a interesting read. gotta cop that ish.

  4. Thank God the Wu made it,I’m with Slab this garbage that’s out now makes me appreciate being a teenager in the 90’s so many groundbreaking artist,so much great music,this bullshit that’s out now is sickening & the artist are ass crack straight up,if these lames would have come out back then their voice would have been squashed.Wu Tang greatest Hip Hop group of all time hands down

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