2009-10-13 - T-Mobile SidekickLast week, T-Mobile’s Sidekick users were outraged by service outages, and the inability to access their address books, contacts list, and other features.

The service disruption upset the general public and other high profile users such as Perez Hilton, who blogged about it, saying it affected his ability to work. Then, they revealed in a statement that the data that’s usually backed up on their servers had been lost. Despite their efforts to recover it, they’ve were unable to over the weekend.

However, this week, T-Mobile and Microsoft released a joint statement saying recovery may be possible, and they’re continuing their efforts.

“Recent efforts indicate the prospects of recovering some lost content may now be possible,” the companies said in the statement. “We will continue to keep you updated on this front; we know how important this is to you.”

On Monday (October 12), the company said they would offer a $100 gift card and a one month data service credit to those whose data could not be recovered, reports InformationWeek.

“The card can be used for T-Mobile products and services or to pay down a customer’s bill,” said the report.

At press time, the Sidekick was listed as “Temporarily Out of Stock” on T-Mobile’s website.