Asher RothIf you haven’t heard already, it was revealed last week that U.S. President Barack Obama will be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. However, the news has caused mixed reactions from people across the board.

Some in the hip-hop industry agree with the choice, including Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I. Once he heard the news, he sent a big shoutout to Obama for the honor, via his Twitter profile (@TheRealCrookedI).

Then, followed up, asking people to do some research before judging our current president.

“Why are people h8’n on my guy for this prize?” Crooked I asked. “Obama travels around THE ENTIRE WORLD PROMOTING PEACE.. Do sum research before u judge his worthiness.”

Others, though, don’t agree with it at all. Rapper Asher Roth — known mostly for his hit single “I Love College” — wasn’t feeling the decision, asking how could a man win “the peace prize by just talking sh**.”

He followed up with a tweet (@AsherRoth) clarifying his statements, explaining that the disagreement is about the actual prize more than Obama being chosen for it.

“Has nothing to do with ‘Obama’ and everything to do with the ‘Peace Prize’ — change starts with us, the people — who’s gon wake up first?” Asher said. “Seek truth.”

Asher also added: “I’m all for ‘hope’ and ‘progress,’ but people have been dedicating their lives for peace — actions speak louder than words — my opinion only.”

According to the rapper, change doesn’t come from the upper levels of the hiearchy, but from the people.

“I think change starts at the basement level — change starts with us, the people — we’re being manipulated,” Asher said in response to one follower.

What do you think? Does Obama deserve this honor? If so, why? If not, why? Sound off.