The Bangz - Ella AnnIn September, Ella Ana, of the Los Angeles based duo The Bangz, was shot and remained hospitalized after being treated for  at least two gunshot wounds.

Since the shooting, the singer/rapper (real name: Korttney Elliott) had remained unconscious. But, group member Sabi continued to give updates via their Twitter profile (@TheBangz), explaining that she was showing progress, had movements in her fingers, and asked fans to continue to pray for her.

On Wednesday (October 7), Ella Ann finally awoke from her coma. She’s still unable to speak, but Sabi says she’s responsive.

“Ella is looking amazing, she is up and responsive,” Sabi wrote in a Twitter update. “As of right now, she can’t speak, but that will change soon, She is amazing!”

Ella was shot twice in the neck in mid-September. However, the circumstances surrounding the incident are still unknown.

She is one-half of a Los Angeles duo called The Bangz, alongside Sabi (real name: Jenice Portlock). They are known for shedding light on the bubbling jerk movement going on throughout the city.