A photo of a badge given to gamers at the NBA Store in NYC to redeem their free copy of the game (Photo: Facebook)
A photo of a badge given to gamers at the NBA Store in NYC to redeem their free copy of the game (Photo: Facebook)

Dozens of fans anxiously waited on line this past Tuesday afternoon (October 6) at the NBA Store in New York City for EA Sports’ newest release of NBA Live 2010.

Gracing the cover for this illustrious game is Orlando Magic’s center, Dwight Howard. The perennial all-star — currently in training camp for this upcoming season — was available live, via satellite, to answer questions from fans, and reporters alike.

“It’s truly an honor for me to be on the cover,” said Howard. “As a kid, it was something I’ve always dreamed of.”

The 23 year-old, known for his jovial personality (on and off the courts), admits to also being an avid player of the game. For fans, it came to no surprise which team “Superman” preferred playing with in Live. “The Magic, of course. Who else am I supposed to run with?” said Howard with a giggle.

Besides Live’s cover man, players like Al Harrington, David Lee, and Danilo Gallinari from the New York Knicks, as well as, New Jersey Nets newly acquired swingman, Courtney Lee, were all there in support of EA’s latest endeavor.

Fans were also delighted with more treats, as EA promised 100 free autographed copies, signed by Dwight Howard, to be given out to those who were in line first. Many gamers were there since the night before, in hopes of receiving the tightly sealed, autographed edition of NBA Live 2010.

Bryan Rowe, 16, was one of the first gamers at the NBA Store, awaiting his opportunity to try Live’s newest game. “Man, I’ve been here since 9 p.m.for this game.”

It also attracted the older audience as well, as Derrick Lebron, 31, was there since 9 p.m. Monday night (October 5) in preparation for the following day. “I came for Live man, since 9 last night.”

NBA Live wasn’t the only basketball game drawing fans in either. Its arch nemesis, NBA 2K10, also hit stands Tuesday, and created some slight tension among the Live fans. When asked which game was superior, 16 year-old, Michael O, said this: “I’ve been since 8:30 this morning to get Live, but I like 2K better. I just came to get Live to sell it.”

These two sports games have always played tic for tac annually, and have tried to topple one another in the past. Live has vastly improved its graphics, and emphasized its realty, by implementing Dynamic DNA. This new feature provides users the opportunity to play along with the regular season as it’s actually taking place. With real trades, and injuries occurring during the season, fans can expect their game to be updated daily in part to this newest offering.

NBA Live 2010 is available in stores now for Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.