2009-08-12 - Edo G, Masta AceThe forthcoming collaborative effort from hip-hop vets, Masta Ace and Ed O. G, has been pushed back to November, due to a conflict with television network A&E and the album’s artwork.

According to the duo’s camp, A&E served them with a cease & desist notice after the network caught wind of the album, titled Arts & Entertainment, and its artwork, which they felt caused confusion with their brand.

Ace and G’s label, Traffic Entertainment, complied with the request, and in doing so, had to delay the album’s release.

“A&E Television Networks expressed some concerns that the imagery of the album would be confused with their brand. Given that we have nothing to do with the network or their programs, we were happy to comply with their requests,” Traffic Entertainment Group A&R Charley Greenberg. “Masta Ace and Ed O. G have a terrific album, and I’m sure their fans will be happy to wait a few more weeks for it.”

Masta Ace was also ok with the wait, calling it a “small setback.”

“It’s unfortunate that we got pushed back, but sometimes unexpected things happen. We both love the A&E Network and watch a lot of the programming,” he said. “This is only a small setback, we want the network to be okay with everything before we blast off with this great music.”

Arts & Entertainment is now slated for release on November 3.

The duo recently dropped a brand new video for the single, “Little Young”, which will debut soon. Watch the behind the scenes from the set, right here.