TahiryOn the heels of her recent interview with Complex — where she opened up about her break-up with rapper Joe Budden for the first time — Tahiry stopped by Angela Yee’s “Morning After” Sirius Satellite show to give her first radio interview about the situation.

The interview was going smoothly, with Tahiry discussing her reality show ambitions and the future, but when she started talking about her relationship and break-up with Joe, the rapper phoned in and things got a little awkward.

“What’s this about?” Joe Budden asked Tahiry on air. “The Complex [interview], which the entire interview is about a break-up. … It’s not that people is gonna ask, you and whatever people representing you are using a break-up a a bargaining chip.

“It’s looking real cheesy. It’s in bad taste. It’s making five years a gimmick,” he continued.

An annoyed Tahiry fired back, accusing Joe of exposing their personal business to the general public first, an act that contributed to their split in the first place.

“You’re the one who put it out there,” Tahiry responded. “Who put it out there? … You wanna manipulate the whole conversation and flip it, and act like this is all people representing me. This is what’s happening, and this is f***in’ problem.

“When I was at the Complex interview, I said nothing but good things about you because I love and respect you. You’ve done the opposite, so now you’re gonna tell me this is a gimmick?” she continued.

At this point, host Angela Yee stepped in to try to mediate things, but it didn’t help much.

Tahiry told Joe to phone her off the air after her interview, but he continued to speak, explaining that he didn’t call to speak to her, as he continued his rant.

“Tahiry don’t know nothing about nothing. She trying to be in a game where she don’t know a thing about anything,” Joe stated. “Obviously, the people behind her don’t know a thing about anything. If you’re gonna use this as some sort of bargaining chip and you gonna sell a story, get a check for it.”

Upset, Tahiry chimed back: “You put it out there, I’ve been shut through this whole situation. Now that I’m up here, you wanna talk sh**? Conversation over.”

This is when the rapper was taken off the air, and Yee and Tahiry finished their interview. When asked what their most recent conversation was like, she said: “It was very civil. It was a good conversation … Now comes this.”

Still, there is the question: will they ever get back together in the future? If you ask Tahiry, it’s not likely.

“I don’t know to be quite honest with you,” she said. “A lot’s been done, been some damage that I don’t know could ever be repaired.”

So, outside of her personal life with Joe Budden, Tahiry is trying to launch her own career. Right now, she says several reality TV offers are on the table, and when a deal is inked, a show will be forthcoming.

However, she did not ellaborate on the premise of the show. Additionally, she’s going to go after acting gigs as well.