OliviaIt’s been quite a while since we heard from former G-Unit first lady Olivia, since being dropped from 50 Cent’s label.

While it may seem like she’s disappeared into oblivion, Olivia has continued to stay busy. In a new interview with PowerPlayed.com, she updates fans.

“I’ve been doing movies, y’all, finishing the album, I’ve been touring overseas,” Olivia explained. “It’s been a whole lot that y’all haven’t seen me doing, but the people who have been following me online, checking out where I’ve been, they know what’s up.”

According to the singer, she’s in a whole new space, musically. After feeling constricted with G-Unit, unable to really do R&B records, Olivia explains why she feels free in the studio.

“I’ve been working even though y’all don’t think I’ve been working …,” she said. “When I was on G-Unit, I had to conform to what was on G-Unit, so I couldn’t come out with R&B records because I was with a bunch of rappers. So now, I get to do exactly what I want to do and you get to hear me really sing. But again, for the people that come to my live shows, they see what I do … I’m no longer with G-Unit, I’m back solo.”

Further details regarding her new album, and label situation were unknown at press time.

Stay tuned, and check out the full video interview below: