2009-04-30 - EminemDespite going to trial after they were unable to reach a settlement, Apple and Eminem’s music publisher reached an agreement following a five-day trial over the rights to the rapper’s digital music sales.

Eight Mile Style filed a suit against Apple in 2007 claiming they were illegally offering the sale of 93 of Em’s songs that were not authorized to sell.

Apple, however, said they had a valid agreement with Aftermath Records, which controls the Em tracks in questions, thus granting them the right to sell the track via their iTunes service.

They were unable to reach a deal out of court, so both parties headed to trial to hash things out. On Thursday (October 1), a deal was reached.

However, details were not disclosed.

Eight Mile originally sought over $14 million in damages and $2.5 million in earnings Apple earned from the sell of the tracks in question.

The suit came after Eminem’s smash hit, “Lose Yourself,” appeared in a commercial promoting Apple’s iTunes service.