Tila TequilaIs Tila Tequila depressed and suicidal? Or is she just seeking more attention?

The reality show star/aspiring rapper began posting disturbing tweets early Monday morning (October 5), claiming a friend caught her before she almost offed herself and told him she’ll give life a little more time.

“It woulda been tonite I ended my life, but my friend caught me and stopped me. So I told him I will give him two more weeks. No one can stop me,” she tweeted on her page (@OfficialTila).

Shortly after, Tila followed up the tweet with another, explaining that her attempt at “ending her life” isn’t because she is depressed. She claims she’s happy, but God needs her.

“I am not depressed or unhappy! My life is amazing,” Tila wrote in an update from her Blackberry. “It’s not about that though! Like I said, God spoke to me and told me I am needed up there.”

Before these disturbing tweets, Tila posted several messages regarding death, life  and so on. Below are a few of them:

– Dont be afraid of death as death is highly misunderstood. Death is very peaceful, serene, and welcoming for me. I have long awaited this.

– ppl take life 4 granted, but im trying 2 change that so u wont take life 4 granted anymore. Let me sleep now. ill share my life 4 2 mo weeks

– We all have to go at some point in time, but my time is soon, so i can finally rest my mind. 2 more weeks and then we shall say goodbye.

– I will give u two more weeks, but after that i shall be leaving. 2 more weeks until u weep for my life that has finally ended.

Tila Tequila is known for her wild rants on Twitter, and sometimes posts thing to get a rise outta of people. Because of this, it’s hard to distinguish when she’s being serious, or just being Tila.

What do you think? Is she playing a joke, or is she serious?

2009-10-05 - Tila on Twitter

Most recently, she has been in the news for a domestic dispute with alleged boyfriend Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers, who is accused of choking and hitting her after an argument back in early September.

Last we heard, Tila was preparing to file a civil suit against the NFL player. Merriman denies any wrongdoing.