2009-10-05 - Kelly Karloff

Meet Kelly Karloff, an up-and-coming model who’s face may look familiar to you. Why? Well, if you’re a streetwear fanatic, you’re well aware of online retailer, KarmaLoop.com, where Kelly is a regular model for. She also has her own show on the KarmaLoop.com off-shoot KarmaLoopTV called “The Kelly Show,” where she answers fans’ questions on a regular basis.

The Boston-based model is starting to grow wings, and her popularity, online as well as print, is rising. So, we jumped at the chance to sit down with Kelly to get inside her head about what it would take to get with her. From turn ons to turn offs, Kelly gives us guys some pointers about how to steal her heart.

So, if you wanna get to first base with Kelly Karloff, read ahead to find out.

BallerStatus.com: You’re a girl guys drool over on Karmaloop.com, and girls wanna be. If a guy wanted to, where is the best place for someone to meet you?

Kelly Karloff: Hmm, I don’t think there’s any one place that is superlative to the next. I’m generally roaming the streets of Boston, going to class, shopping, doing my usual daily things. I have to admit, one of the most common places you’d probably find me at is a local coffee shop! Coffee and tea are my ultimate addictions!

2009-10-05 - Kelly KarloffBallerStatus.com: How do you suggest opening a conversation with you?

Kelly Karloff: As long as you’re not rude or in my face, a conversation starter with me really shouldn’t be on your list of hard or scary things to do! (laughs) I think of myself as a little “unique” … I just love to laugh and act like a goofball. Anything funny, or said with a good sense of humor behind it, is definitely something I’m into.

BallerStatus.com: Assuming I get to first base and you are interested, where should we go on our first date?

Kelly Karloff: That’s simple, bowling! Maybe with some drinks and apps … I’m a pretty kick ass bowler, so you better watch your back if you want to take on that endeavor!

BallerStatus.com: Ok, so we’re feeling each other. How many dates should I wait to make a move? Is it up in the air with the moment, or should the standard third date rule apply?

Kelly Karloff: It totally depends on how much I’m diggin’ the boy and the situation. There’s no “set in stone” rules with me when it comes to that. I really haven’t dated much, so I’m no expert. I’ve pretty much been in a relationship my entire life. All I know is that nothing good comes out of anything that is rushed.

BallerStatus.com: What would help seal the deal?

Kelly Karloff: Being respectful and super sweet is so irresistible to me.

BallerStatus.com: What kind of things put you in the mood?

Kelly Karloff: There are only a select few that know the answer to that and I want to keep it that way!

BallerStatus.com: Tell us what your biggest turn on for you is?

Kelly Karloff: Kissing on the neck, rubbing your shoulders, etc.
Things that are less sexual and more “lovey” … Yup, maybe a little corny, but so true!

BallerStatus.com: OK, now that you’ve told us what to do, what are some of the things are a no-nos for Kelly? What would turn you off immediately?

Kelly Karloff: Being too pushy and/or cocky and trying to seal the deal right from the get go is such a deal breaker. I hate guys who think they can do that. It makes them so transparent and unattractive no matter what they look like.

BallerStatus.com: What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve heard, or attempt to get your attention?

Kelly Karloff: UGH! I think I’ve heard them ALL. Any real “pick-up line” should just be avoided at all costs. None of them actually work, and if they do, I question the girl who it worked on. Who wants to be told by a boy the same thing he tells every single other girl he’s remotely interested in? Not me!

BallerStatus.com: You have your own show on KarmaloopTV, tell us about that experience, and how it started?

2009-10-05 - Kelly KarloffKelly Karloff: “The Kelly Show” is a lot of fun to film. Because I have been modeling for Karmaloop.com for a while now, I guess I racked in a pretty big fan base, which is so dope in itself. I think the support from my fans gave the KarmaloopTV team the impression that my fans wanted to see more of me, so the idea of “The Kelly Show” came about. I haven’t had much on-camera experience; I mostly stick to print work, so it’s been a new and exciting learning experience for me. It has actually made me more comfortable in front of the camera and in public speaking and, it’s been helpful to me in more than just my visibility as a model. I’ve surprisingly received a lot of positive feedback on my show, so I’m more than happy. And as for the negative sh**, I just ignore it. It’s shocking because I really would have hoped people had better things to do then make non-sense comments about someone who is just trying to entertain them.

BallerStatus.com: The strangest questions you’ve been asked on your show?

Kelly Karloff: Oh, you have no idea! Some of the questions people send in I just can’t even fathom answering. People ask these in-depth sexual questions that just boggle my mind! I think I was even asked once to imitate a moaning noise as if I was … well, you know! After I was done laughing, I think I almost vomited at the thought.

BallerStatus.com: What is next for you?

Kelly Karloff: Well first, and most importantly, I have another year of school left, so I’m going to finish up with that and get my business degree. I’m also definitely going to continue to model. Other than that, I’m taking things day by day. As of now, I have absolutely no complaints!