PliesThe Fort Myers, Florida City Council are set to discuss security concerns at hip-hop concerts thrown in the city’s downtown area, after one councilman asked for a ban following a stabbing at a recent concert for hometown artist Plies.

According to local news channel WINK, Councilman Warren Wright said that concerts of the hip-hop genre brings violence to Fort Myers’ downtown area and is bad for business.

He knows, however, that a ban is impossible.

“Do I think that we could ban them? I don’t think that that would be possible,” Wright told the news station. “I think we would have to ban all concerts, and I don’t think anyone wants that.”

Wright believes rap-related events are responsible for “violence and disruption,” citing a September 2008 stabbing of a bouncer, following a Plies performance at the Harborside, as an example.

While the ban is unlikely, Wright says safety issues need to be addressed.

The ban has the vocal support of the city’s newly elected mayor, Randy Henderson, who complained that he finds the music “vulgar,” and is in favor of quieting Plies

“If there’s a legal way to do that, it’s a worthy idea,” Henderson said.

According to WINK, statistics from the Fort Myers Police Department do not show an increase in crime on concert nights compared to other busy nights.

The City Council discussion will be held during the regular council meeting on Monday (October 5).