Ex-Fiance Of ‘Real Housewife of ATL’ Star Kandi Burruss Dead Following Strip Club Brawl

Kandi Burress and A.J. Jewell (Photo: ATLPics.net)
Kandi Burress and A.J. Jewell (Photo: ATLPics.net)

The ex-fiance of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kandi Burruss, was killed Friday night (October 2), following a fight in an ATL strip club.

According to My Fox Atlanta, A.J. Jewell was involved in a brawl at Atlanta strip club Body Tap Friday evening, and suffered serious injury.

During the fight, he sustained severe head injuries, and was rushed to Piedmont Hospital, where he later died.

Update: Homicide detectives arrested the suspect, Fredrick Richardson, who has been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

“Kandi is devastated as she is also mourning the death of her uncle, Ralph Leslie, and is attending his funeral today,” TreMedia said in a statement on behalf of the reality star Saturday (October 3). “She has no statement to make at this time and asks for privacy. There are no final details on the death of AJ.”

Kandi is a Grammy Award-winning singer as a member of the 90s all-girl group Xscape. She joined the second season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” as a replacement for housewife Deshawn Snow.

According to Wikipedia, she began dating A.J. in early 2009, and months into their relationship, they became engaged.

However, tensions began to rise between the couple “over Jewell having six children of his own.” So, in August, they called off their engagement and broke up. Jewell said they remained “good friends” though.

  1. This is a real tragedy and senseless. what is it with all Of this violence we all need to squash all Of this petty nonsense and learn to get along with each other and love one another life is too short

  2. What a shame…people need to stop the violence…now theres six children without a father… Stay strong Kandi

  3. damn thatz six kidz without a daddy, what iz it with black folkz & tha club…?? sad though

  4. i send my condolenceses at this time im a big fan of the show and tardy for the party is the bomb love you candi and my prayer for you and your family at this time i’m grive stricken for you and your loss of a love one much love d.smith

  5. I thought they were still together. In any event I am still sorry for her loss. She seems like a very nice person.

  6. Sorry to hear bout wut happen,But we need to stop the violence b4 it’s 2 late.

  7. damn thatz six kidz without a daddy, what iz it with black folkz and tha club??…. ego’s & liquor not a good mix, sad though,,

  8. I am saddend by the news and my heart and prayers goes out to his children and kandi,the rest of the family.

  9. this is a sadd story, at first i couldnt believe it then i searched on the internet and there it was it was true. i feel so bad for his kids and his family.

  10. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Don’t give up on God though… He has a plan for your life. That’s why you’re still here. Love ya Ms. Kandi! PS– My condolences regarding all parties involved… esp. his children.

  11. I’ve seen so much at the club. I’m finished going to clubs period. Niggas getting shot, stabbed, ran over, and beat at the club. You can’t even make it rain at the club because somebody is going to plot your downfall before nights end.

  12. It’s sad when you hear about such tragedy. I can only think about it being another black on black situation that could have been resolved in a more civil way. We need to stop fighting each other and unify. I hoped that Obama’s getting in office will impact the way we view each other and bring us all closer…We are all brothers and sisters

  13. That’s really sad to hear:( I feel really bad for Kandi and his children!!! I guess my question would be….if u have 6 kids and a fiance’ why r u in a strip club???…wrong place @ the wrong time R.I.P

  14. Wow! this is sad, what is happening in the world today? Why so much hatred and violence towards one another?!…”Oh lord place and protect those you believe and want to do right!!!”

  15. this is such a sad case, sorry for all involved however be more careful when being social.
    nothing stops haters keep shining and stunttin and doin the damn thang.
    funny how it was a club employee who fought him. uuuuuummmmmmmmm????

  16. My prayers goes out to Kandi and A.J.’s family. I know that Kandi is a strong woman with a great heart and she will get through this. We all need to reevaluate out lives because you never know when it is your time to go. God Bless America.

  17. Very shocking to hear, but this is the world that we live in. May God grant you peace that passes all understanding and I pray for the children and their state of mind.

  18. Poor Kandi…. first her family members in that car accident (drunk driver); then her uncle; now her ex-fiancee; the stress of that show is enuff by itself… sorry for her loss.

  19. I’m sure none of his friends or family was expecting this. I hope God keeps them strong and help them all through this difficult time.

  20. I feel so bad for Kandi && his 6 children. My condolences go out to all of them, and god bless you all! But, i’m wondering how the mother of Kandi feels about this. She was so against her being with him, and the idea of him have 6 children with multiple mothers. That’s what i want to know. Does she feel bad at all? Who knows? Again, i’m sorry for you loss! : (

  21. my heart goes out to kandi i know how she is feeling to lose someone you love. you just want to be alone and just cry your eyes out. I will be praying for her to gain strength and peace so that she can move forward with her life.

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