Hot BoysFans have anxiously awaited the return of the New Orleans crew, the Hot Boys, ever since they confirmed that a reunion was coming in 2007.

While nothing has panned out so far, the group’s members — which includes Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G. and Turk — continue to say it’s coming, and they’ve been in the studio recording.

As he gears up for new projects, member Juvenile recently discussed the long-rumored return of the Hot Boys, saying all the members are on board, reports TheBoomBox.

“It’s definitely gonna be a Hot Boy$ reunion. I be talking to Baby like everyday,” he said. “That’s all I can tell you, the ball is in their hands right now. We definitely been in the studio, but the songs we recorded earlier got leaked, but people know we definitely been in the studio.”

One member who hasn’t been able to participate is Turk, who is currently serving jail time for an attempted murder charge of a Memphis police officer back in 2004.

Juve said Turk’s situation is still up in the air, since he’s heard so many different things regarding his current status.

“I spoke to Turk months back and he told me he was getting out of jail. Then I heard he signed with J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot) so I really don’t know what Turk’s situation is,” he said.

When a new Hot Boys project comes, it will be the four man crew’s fouth. The last, Let ‘Em Burn, came in 2003. However, that album consisted of material recorded from 1998 to 2000. Their last release when all were on speaking terms can in 199.

In 2001 B.G., Juvenile and Turk departed from the Cash Money label, as they went on to pursue solo careers. Several reunion concerts have been attempted since then, but nothing formulated.