Flavor FlavHe’s the most famous hypeman ever … in hip-hop. But while Flavor Flav shot to stardom in the 80s and 90s with Public Enemy, he was able to revive his celebrity and expand his fanbase to the younger generation with a stint on reality TV via his VH1 reality series “Flavor of Love” back in 2006.

After three successful seasons, his search for love ended, but now, he’s ready to get back on the reality TV horse, as he begins to shop a new reality show idea to networks.

The idea being about Flav returning to high school, since he dropped out in the 10th grade. At 50 years old, the rapper wants his diploma and hopes everyone wants to see him achieve that.

“I just want to show the world it’s never too late to get your diploma, and show kids they should stay in school and not wait until you’re old to get it,” Flav told Access Hollywood. “Everybody sees me as this big love mogul. Now I got a baby girl, I’ve been there and done that and now it’s time for the next episode.”

While he may be serious about getting that piece of paper, Flav makes it clear that he’s there to have fun as well, and will display the “wackiness” he’s known for.

“There will definitely be some wackiness too!” he said. “I’m going out for the band, and the basketball team, and the football team. I’m still gonna keep Flavor Flav the man around! If the football team is losing the game, I’m gonna put on a jersey, and I’m gonna go out there and win the game for my school!”

Flav hopes the show will help change the direction of reality TV, and help turn its focus to more positive things.

“I think right now the direction of reality TV needs to change,” he said. “I started out the trend for the dating shows on reality TV. My heart is saddened about the murder that happened within the course of that. I am going to change the course of things. People want something more right now; they want something smarter.”

At press time, there was no timeline of when Flav’s show would begin, or if any networks were interested.

Stay tuned for updates.