Sizzurp Goes Mainstream With Anti-Energy Drinks

2009-09-30 - syrupSizzurp is a mixture prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and soda. Although, the concoction originated in the south, rappers like Dipset and Lil Wayne have popularized it across the nation.

The drink, or drank as it’s also referred to, has gotten so big in the south that two different beverage companies are trying to capitalize on its popularity with newly released beverages — one called “Drank” and the other labeled “Sippin’ Syrup.”

Both drinks labels themselves as “anti-energy” drinks that provide “extreme relaxation.”

However, the ingredients are not harmful. They contain Melatonin, a natural substance that helps you sleep; and Valerian Root, which is used medicinally for insomnia and other disorders.

On the official website for Drank (, it says: “The first EXTREME RELAXATION drink to hit the market. DRANK, the new drink design to calm and relax you.”

According to local news station KBMT12, stores in Southeast Texas have started to stock their shelves with them, and local law enforcement and parents are concerned, calling both products a gateway to using other harmful and illegal substances.

“It is such an obvious gateway product to one of the most dangerous drugs in our area,” Major Jim Singletary who works in the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, told the new channel. “We got enough problems with kids experimenting with the real thing,” he added, “now the younger kids will be able to buy something like this until they can buy the real thing.”

Parents seem to agree with Singletary.  Johnny Davison, who has four kids, says he is making sure his children stay away from the drink. “You hear it all the time on the rap tapes,” he said. “If kids see it they’re going to think it’s something good.”

They just may have a point too. 18-year-old Jackie Robinson told the news station that he just started drink “Sippin’ Syrup” just because of its name. “I ain’t gonna lie it really do,” Robinson said, as he sipped his drink. “It probably attracts a lot of people from the name too.

“To put sippin syrup they’re going to make some money,” he added.

  1. This is sad…I hope blacks and latino get 50 percent of the income that will come in on what these people stoled from them!!!!!

  2. First of all its called Syrup not Sizzurp yall gettin dat from the 3 6 mafia song. Yea texas is the place where it started u can listen do old D.J. Screw(R.I.P.) tapes and here them talkin about it. Alot of people die from using it and some people drank it without mixing a soda in it. the Purple codeine taste good even without mixing it. That company is start cause they gonna buy it. After a while the kids gonna want the real thang though

  3. Very iresponsible these companies need to be ran out of town shame on you whoever you are pushing this shit the almighty dollar hea like they say money is the root if all evil

  4. I love Sippin’ Syrup. I have problems sleeping and have a
    real big problem with taking pills. So when ever I can’t sleep I
    drink it. It helps me sleep when I’m sick and when I’m just having
    issues. I can see how people think it could start kids into doing
    drugs and such, but in all honesty it’s the parents and the kids
    where the true problem lies for drug abuse. Some parents don’t pay
    attention to what there kids are doing(there fult) Sometimes
    parents drive their kids into doing drugs because of the stress
    they put them through. Don’t push your children into becoming
    something there not, or trying to Make them do something they don’t
    want. Some kids turn to drugs because their parents or even peers
    are abusive, physical and mentally. I can see how the media can be
    blamed, but it really has to do with honour society is built up.
    Parents arent parenting enough, so children and young adults turn
    to the media to decide how there supposed to act. That’s why teens
    act out, they are placed into a cadagory that makes them feel that
    that is how they are supposed to act. Steriotypes are really a big
    point as well. Society only follows these trends and stereotypes
    because they feel it is the only way to fit in. But I. All honesty
    the best way to fit in I’d to not. In conclusion, I would like to
    say that you can not just blame children doing drugs on something
    as this. Other wise you might as well blame people doing speed and
    crack on energy drinks. If the people take better care of the way
    their government is really run(by the media) then we would most
    likely be living in a better way.

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