Shyne Set For Release From Prison, Diddy Speaks On Rapper Being Freed

2009-09-29 - Shyne and DiddyAfter nearly nine years of incarceration for his party in a shooting at a Manhattan night club in 1999, Bad Boy Records recording artist Shyne is finally set for release in October.

Last month, an order was signed by a Manhattan judge setting an October 6th release for the rapper, after serving eight years and some change of a 10-year sentence.

At the time, Shyne was just 21-year-old. He’s has grown up in prison, and is now 30.

With less than two weeks to go, his former boss Diddy recently revealed that he and Shyne are on speaking terms, and there is no more beef.

The hip-hop mogul phoned into New York’s Hot 97 radio station recently, saying he’s happy Shyne is finally coming home.

“It’s a blessing that [Shyne’s] coming home,” Diddy said. “I spoke to him like a couple of weeks ago and he sounded like he was in good spirits. I know he can’t wait to get home. I know he is definitely going to heat the whole scene up. He was definitely one of talented young artists that I had the pleasure to work with. I’m quite sure he’s been using his time wisely and has some heat.”

Shyne (real name: Jamal Barrow) was sentenced to 10 years back in June 2001, for his role in the highly publicized shootout at Manhattan’s Club New York in 1999, where he, Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were partying.

The sentence was the result of several convictions, including two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession.

When the sentence was given out, Diddy called it “unfair and extreme,” but Shyne later revealed some animosity toward the Bad Boy Records head while being interviewed in 2004, in support of his sophomore album, Godfather Buried Alive.

“How do you call a witness to testify against your comrade? That don’t make no sense. If I’m telling you that [the club bouncer] is lying, and you saying ‘Well hey, she’s helping me’ — I’m facing 25 years. You looking at probation,” Shyne explained in an interview with MTV.

“Those types of things are unacceptable. You don’t have to hold my hand, you don’t have to do nothing. But don’t try to hurt me. That’s intentional,” he added.

Godfather Buried Alive was released through Def Jam Records, and was eventually certified gold.

  1. Diddy felt like he had to make amenz before da boy Poe got out…what ah pu**y!!!

  2. diddy is a coward, a rat, a bitch.. shyne should not return to badboy instead knock these fake niggas out the industry.. he is truely talented and will show that when he returns.

  3. U know that diddy was two face on situations that goes on b4 he was to join shyne in prison.Years past both men made peace to stop da beef to move on,then to fight ova what happen at a club this is sumthin that i dont like to talk bout cuz it’s old news but when shyne gets out,He’s gonna bring da heat 2 d streets

  4. With folks like DumbDiddyDumDumb “real brotha’s are on BACK ORDER!”

  5. Shyne men stay the fuck away from that snake (out for my self) P Diddy you did 9 fucking yrs for defending that P. O. S then he and his team of lawyer said fuck you when shit hits the fan niggaz is all for them selves good luck ma Bro keep ya head up.

  6. 8 1/2 years in prison & that’s all Sean Combs has to say,he is a foul ass nigga that kid was protecting his soft ass everything Puff touches either dies or is fucked up he can’t keep any artist & is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen preaching & dogging Aubrey from Danity Kane yet he had 2 women pregnant at the same time,take away the fame & money & he’s just a user of people.

  7. diddy better break shyne off,if you from the hood you know what happend that night. 9years diddy,you owe the bruh

  8. i see NY gone be back on their shit again…. a new purple tape out and shyne out, sorry pop rappers but been a long time coming!!!!!

  9. fuck diddy fake ass bitch ass nigger when shyne come home he should fuck diddy ass up and get down with jay z

  10. Shyne kept getting hit at the board, best believe that Puff had something to do with that. I am sure Po had to convince Puff that he was beyond that and revenge is not in his scope; to get him to co-sign an early release. Don’t be surprised if Po never really gets any real time on the street, before Immigration picks him up and tries to deport him. That will be another 2 years in keep. That too will come courtesy of Diddo, if he feels even the slightest threat.

  11. rap niggas you got a hard hitter back on the block. he has one of the sickest flo s. I hope diddy blesses him proper you know he spent 8 yrs out of his life.

  12. fuck puffy
    that nigga will die a thousand deaths.
    he ruines hiphop on the daily.
    shyne is the mothafuckin shit.
    and is with some label i beleave.
    Black Wall Street?

  13. Fuck Diddy! I never likeded him anyway. Shyne that shit. Hit em hard Poe, and Keep ya head Homie. Fuck dem soft ass niggaz

  14. Puff sold you out we all knw that!he had he”s head stuck up so far Lopez”es ass that he forgot bout a brother that saved him when he”s life was at stake! Karma”‘she come”s round twice next time there wont be no Shyne to save an ungratefull snitch life u! Diddy or wht ever it is u call ur self these day”s !

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