KRS-One Talks New World Order Conspiracy Theories & ‘The Obama Deception’

KRS-OneThe internet is a web of information. You can look up how to cook your favorite dishes, or find out what Tupac’s favorite sneakers were. Or, if your into the movement, you might read up on the long list of conspiracy theories that are published on a daily basis.

One widely discussed conspiracy theory is the NWO (or New World Order). Here’s a little description from Wikipedia:

NWO is a conspiracy theory which refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian one-world government.

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a powerful and secretive elite of globalists is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an autonomous world government, which would replace sovereign states and other checks and balances in international power struggles. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be caused by an extremely influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes.

One hip-hop figure — who is in the know about all this — is KRS-One and spoke on it recently during an interview, which appears on a documentary style film called “The Obama Deception.”

“If they controlled it before, what makes you think they’re not controlling it now?” he asked. “The country was on the verge of revolution. They threw a black man up, now we like this (complacent). They put a black face on the New World Order and now we all happy. KRS ain’t buying it.”

Since those statements, KRS has received flack from the African-American community for his lack of support of the first black president. But, it’s something he understand and is ok with as long as his message gets across.

“F*** all the dumb sh**, he is the President and he has people that he must answer to that are not me and are not you and they don’t have our interest in mind,” KRS explains. “No government does in that sense. It’s about people power, so in that instance I’m not ashamed of the message. I don’t disagree with the message of [“The Obama Deception”], but KRS is a little deeper than the movie projects.”

To read the full interview, where KRS talks more about this issue, as well as his new collabo album with Duck Down Records’ Buckshot, Survival Skills, head over to

You can watch the full “The Obama Deception” documentary below:

  1. Considering that Obama is pushing for a global currency and other policies and ideas that give up our rights as a country to places like the United Nations, KRS might not be that far off.

  2. Amazing what some people will do to try to stay relevant! I respect what KRS has done in the game but now its time to just go somewhere and sit down! Everyday people got enough on their plates without worrying about excess bullshit, and to be honest this sounds like exactly that. I am a “show me” kind of dude. Provide proof about all of this and I’m sure most level headed adults with an ounce of understanding may begin to listen. Until then, just go away!

  3. great article, glad you featured this… you can find the full version to the movie online for free

  4. i respect KRS-One and all that, but I’m sorry big bruh? your bugging! Black folks are quick like Jeff Johnson, and KRS One to say they aint feelin our President? So tell me please whats the alternative? George Bush? John Mccain? Glenn Beck? or maybe Rush Limbaugh? c’mon bruh! Let me say this loud and clear President Barack Hussein Obama is and for the nearest foreseeable future the best President and stand up man this country has ever seen! Period!

  5. @kalvin swine: you are a dumb schmuck if you think obama is the answer cum on man obama=bush with a tan and he is far worse than bush b/c bush can never get away with the corruption obama is committing today!

  6. @kalvin klein :

    @kalvin swine: you are a dumb schmuck if you think obama is the answer cum on man obama=bush with a tan and he is far worse than bush b/c bush can never get away with the corruption obama is committing today!

  7. im a be real my ethics teacher told me and he was right The president doesn’t run or own the country bush nor obama the people who are bankrolling them presidents are nuff said..!! so im not suprised

  8. the evidence is everywhere, most are just unwilling to to take time and see it… I voted for Obama, but I’m not being deceived… KRS is right on. Obama answers to other people that do not have our interests at hand. The New World Order is hiding in plain site, open up your eyes and wake up. What do you think Bush Sr. is talking about here:

  9. G20 Advances New World Order, Media Admit

    Chavez, Gaddafi seek new world order

    Emerging markets wrest bigger role in new world order

    The new world order is full of eastern promise

    New World Order: Obama to Widen G-20’s Role
    global trade imbalances and rein in bankers’ pay.

  10. Kalvin, why can you not see this. It wasn’t just obama, it started long ago. But he is sellin us out. He was just named head of the UN 15 member security council that makes desisions for the world. This in itself is unconstitutional. They are saying that the G20 will be the lead advisor on economic policy. GLOBAL CURRENCY.
    If you can’t see that it is true by now you probably never will.

    oh yeah, get your flu shot yet??

  11. Havent you realized politics is all about money and power they dont care about you and I.

  12. KRS is on point, niggas need to wake up. obama is bought and paid for.

  13. KRS-One is exactly right and I admire him for the courage he has to call things as they are.

    Obama is just a new face on the new world order which is really just the old world order recycled.

    The globalists must be rubbing their hands with glee…

  14. Everything KRS says is true & documented. What is so hard to beleive about a group of people that want to totally control the world? It’s every dictators dream. Research and learn. Your best source is Alex Jones. Laugh if you mwant but everthing he says is bsaed on factual details.

  15. All you clowns just want diamonds cars and cash we can all send a message to the government and not pay taxes but the question is are you willing to stand up united?

  16. Obama is weak. He’s a fraud. He broke almost 90% of his promises.

    We need true patriots that follow the consitution.-

    -Ron Paul
    -Dennis Kucninch
    -Mike Gravel
    -Russ Feingold
    -Bernie Sanders
    -Jesse Ventura
    -Cynthia McKinney

    Those are the only people I respect and trust at Washington. All the others want globalization and corruption.

  17. oh yes there will be a one world order, because it is in the bible.pick it up and read it and you will see for yourself

  18. add to that list rep. alan grayson and soon to be Texas Governor Kinky Friedman, Congressman Adam Kokesh and Senator Rand Paul

  19. Obama isn’t the first black President, he’s HALF BLACK. For the IDIOTS of the World who call him black, you’re disrespecting an entire side of his family.

    Obama LIED throughout the campaign to beat the other Democrats and lied to beat the lousy Republican candidate, McCain.

    But America DESERVES what it gets with this MORON because they voted for him. Just don’t blame me cause I voted for a REAL CONSTITUTIONALIST and A REAL AMERICAN, RON PAUL!

  20. People must realize that this shit is real.You won’t hear about what’s really happening on the main stream media because the people who work for the globalists own it.Go to or check out Alex Jones clips on YouTube.

  21. The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory,it’s a conspiracy fact. Hey Kalvin Klein, whats a “bruh”. HA HA
    Obama is a fraud. Bush is a skull & bones piece of trash. Do the research. Use google to your advantage. It’s not about right verses left & black verses white.
    Even Prodigy from Mobb Deep knows whats up. He supports Ron Paul.

  22. To the guy calling Alex Jones an attention whore. You don’t even know what you are talking about,so shut the hell up.

  23. Well This is no surprise because this began right after Andrew Jackson the Third President of the US. But this really happen after JFK death.

  24. Well the game is over, he might have fooled the people once, but this SH*T is back firing BIG TIME. You got the black community excited and convinced that the world really was getting better for them. Well heres some truth, CHANGE aint gonna come from a lying politician, its gonna come from YOU.


  25. KRS1 is a real american a patriot- heis not a prince of decption like OBAAAAMA! You love obama? what about the war in iraq? is it over? what about the war in afghanistan? what about giving the banks money- but ther still foreclosing on people’s houses and their living in tents- KRS1 is my president- not that fake illumanite bastard obama-

  26. Men KRS shut the fuck up you sound like those Right Wing Racist fools Obama IQ is 80 points more than Bush he’s the smartest president ever Bush was the stupitest

  27. @E.P. : Maybe if you’d get off your ass and actually research the info provided in the documentary you would understand. People make documentaries not so yu can sit on your ass and judge but to provide you with information to research yourself.

  28. hey big will, 80 points plus 10 = 90, so if obamma is the smartest prez, he still is below the average american


  30. @kalvin klein : Kalvin there were/are other options. Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich. Dont just look at the horse in the race look at who owns the track cuz thats where the real power is at. The same dudes behind Barack are the same dudes behind Bush. THATS what you’re no seeing. Hell..1/2 of Obamas picks are former Bush picks. Its two sides of the same team. Americas been robbed homey

  31. Party in the place to be KRS One attacks!
    Seriously fukk all politicians, white and black!

  32. @chlordane : It will not happen with a bang but over a long period of time the foundation is being built. Before you know it you will be stopped on the street every day by military or police to prove you have a reason to be out. Going for a walk will not be accepted. The whole plan is to exterminate most of us regardless of race.

  33. Obama is a puppet for the New World Order Elite. What make you Obama followers so dam blind and gullible of how the world works?

  34. i think its funny that alex jones sheep are so adamant at calling everyone else who don’t agree with them blind… the “new world order” conspiracy is as rediculous as taking Nostradamus seriously. Sinister conspiracies are big business, plane and simple. Glen Beck (another nut job) makes millions and millions of dollars a year

  35. MSG has it right. We are slated for termination. The leaders of the NWO have always owned O’Bama. Why are people surprised? 50% of his campaign money came from people associated with Goldman Sachs. Unite! Forget that their are black and white racist who make the movement look bad. Many are plants. For Real. Glenn Beck is a tool, just like Gates.

  36. nice one KRS we all gotta fight the NWO(new world order) Remember the founding father’s.

  37. Take heed to Krs-1 Warning! It’s all True! Secret Societies do exist. The hidden subliminal messages are in the music videos of some of your favorite hip-hop stars, Jay-z, kanye, kid kudi, & ludacris to name a few. Check the Book”Behold apale Horse. Yall trippin if you dont think NWO exist. It’s in your faces. Check the codes on the dollar bill!!!

  38. wow, there are some nut cases posting on this topic. I guess playing on fear is the best political tactic.

  39. There is so much to do, but so little time. Here is a small check list for you wanna-be survivalists:
    Can you fish, use a compas, read a map?
    Are you in good physical shape? Can you lift and carry 75 lbs? Can you swim?
    Can you shoot, defend yourself, or run 3 miles?

  40. It isn’t about Obame or Bush…they are just measley little puppets….for those that want proof…you’ll get it when it’s too late for you to prepare. The signs are all Around us…from these talks of NWO….to the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012 and Revelations…I could go on and on….get your heart right!!!

  41. I can fish, hunt, swim, and run 3 miles….I was a US Marine and am trained to fight by the government…now I’m against it. I love America….but it isn’t going to be good ole America much longer.

  42. And all you idiots that don’t think this video is truth….do the research yourself…even the video tells you to do that. But I promise you…it is happening. I seen it in the works while I was in the Marines. they put out a survey to every US soldier asking if we would fire among our own American citizens under orders of the United Nations. That was just one question. There were 3 pages of questions.

  43. It’s perfectly inline with the Mayan Calender and Revelations. Open your eyes and minds and believe it people. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO VERY ATTENTIVELY. THIS IS NO JOKE!!!!!

  44. Everyone should put their trust in god and take their eyes off man. Obama is just a man with a job like anyone only more important. God is in controll. He gave man dominion over everything. Man messed it up. The cycle continues

  45. im very suspicious of krs one. he pretends like he is anti establishment, yet the establishment allows him to thrive. he just doesnt fit the profile of a real revolutionary

  46. -Ron Paul
    -Dennis Kucninch
    -Mike Gravel
    -Russ Feingold
    -Bernie Sanders
    -Jesse Ventura
    -Cynthia McKinney

    nice list of shills

  47. no. he pretends to be an american patriot. no real american patriot would ever get a record deal. only sell outs do

  48. Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich. alternatives to mcdonalds, kfc, burger king, and pizza hut. same shit

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