Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Album Pushed Back … Again

2009-01-09 - Lil WayneThe long-awaited new album from Lil Wayne is getting pushed back again. Rebirth, which features more rock-influenced tracks, was due very early this year, but has experienced several delays. reports that the album’s new release date will be December 15, just in time for Christmas, and typically the busiest shopping weeks of the year.

The project was originally set for April, and was most recently set for November 24th, following the releases of the singles “Prom Queen” and “Hot Revolver.”

In July, Wayne explained why the anticipated album was experiencing delays. The reason being: to make way for the artists on his Young Money roster.

“Honestly, I’m just starting up this Young Money label and I’m trying to get my artists down right. Get everybody together,” Weezy said. “Once I got that together, then I could work back on me. I’m a very humble person. I know once I get to it, I’mma get to it. So like I was saying, it’s Young Money time, so making sure my artists get their just due.”

  1. that doesnt make no since cuz he already has it ready and publisehd but u alreadi know dat he doesnt mind he has enough money to buy anything

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