Dr. Dre Develops ‘Beats Audio’ Software — Debuts It With New HP Envy Laptop

Dr. Dre has done so well with his technology collaborations — specifically his headphones line, Beats By Dre — that he’s teaming up with another electronics company for yet another product.

According to WhoooHa.com, the legendary producer has teamed up with a collabo version of HP’s laptop, the HP Envy. As you can see from the photos, it features the recognizable “Beats” logo as well.

2009-09-23 - Beats Audio

The company calls the collabo the “Mac killer,” and will not only boast a sleek design, but also feature cutting edge sound. HP says the laptop will feature a “cutting-edge” sound system, named “Beats Audio,” designed by Dr. Dre’s sound engineers, who help develop Dre’s tracks and design the Beats by Dre headphone line.

HP says: “[Dre has] … a unique, high-performance audio software solution. Available exclusively on the HP Envy, Beats Audio offers users playing music or audio through headphones or external speakers the optimal sound experience — the way the artist intended it.”

Further details about the laptop and software were not revealed, but it’s expected to hit sores on October 18th, and will retail for $1,699.

There’s rumors the purchase also includes a pair of Beats by Dre headphones, but this was not confirmed at press time.

  1. to samchilla: What do you mean when you say “dr dre ALWAYS puts out good quality gear”?

    All he ever released was those beats by dre headphones

  2. The regular Envy came out a year ago and went for $2100. It was already doing damage to the Mac Book Air. A reduced price and Dre’s name and logo should help boost the sales for the holidays. Kinda like sliming down the PS3 and reducing it by $100.

  3. see this dude dre is a inventor, and people don’t understand what dre just brought to the table

  4. Dre is not an inventor, this is just a branded product for the wiggas out there–and it’s nothing special at all.

  5. X is right. Dre’s no inventor, he’s just a celebrity attached to these products. It’s like saying that Dre invented Dr. Pepper because he’s in their commercials. The real geniuses are the engineers over at HP, thank them for this sweet laptop.

  6. @hart
    alienware isnt that great anymore now that intel brought their new processers to the table. Now that everyone has the same technology they have it’s nothing special.

  7. just got a hp pavilion dv7-4177nr and the beats audio with sub-woofer is a big disappointment

  8. My beats headset which costed ( 2,799) NoK ( norway ) just got ruined after having it for 2 days, the bass doesn’t work anymore, how can i complain about this mistake? i want my monney back to buy a logitech!

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