Floyd Mayweather Cruises To 12-Round Decision Over Marquez In Comeback Fight

Floyd Mayweather knocking down Juan Manuel Marquez in the second round (Photo: AP)
Floyd Mayweather knocking down Juan Manuel Marquez in the second round (Photo: AP)

Despite worries of ring rust from his 21-month lay-off from boxing, Floyd Mayweather proved he hasn’t lost a step in a decision over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night (September 19) in Las Vegas.

From the beginning, it was an exciting fight that almost became a short fight when “Money” Mayweather dropped Marquez in the second round with a short left hook. Despite going down quickly, it was Mayweather’s speed that Marquez had trouble with more than power.

It still went the 12 rounds though with Mayweather winning a unanimous decision with scores of 118-109, 120-107, 119-108.

“He’s a great little man. He was really hard to fight and he kept taking some unbelievable shots,” Mayweather said. “When I dropped him with that shot, which I don’ t think he saw, he got back up and kept on fighting.”

In the later rounds, Marquez was reduced to taking potshots from Mayweather over and over again.

“I’ve been off for two years, so I felt like it took me a couple rounds to really know I was back in the ring again. I know I’ll get better,” Mayweather said. “Marquez is as tough as nails.”

Marquez is tough as nails and has been regarded as one of the two best pound-for-pound fighters coming into the bout. However, he was significantly undersized.

He’s been a featherweight for most of his 16-year career, never fighting above 135 pounds. Saturday’s bout was supposed to take place at 144 pounds, but instead the weight limit was changed before Friday’s weigh-in because Mayweather was over. He paid a $600,000 penalty, or $300,000 per pound, to the Nevada Boxing Commission.

The bout was Mayweather’s first since his December 2007 knockout win of then-undefeated Ricky Hatton. He easily defeated Hatton, and called it a day, leaving the sport until his comeback this week.

He improved to 40-0-0 and still remains undefeated.

Marquez’s last fight was against Juan Diaz, who he knocked out seven months again in the lightweight divison. He falls to 50-5-1.

“It was a very hard fight. He surprised me with the first knockdown. He hurt me in that round, but not any other time,” Marquez said. “I don’t want to make any excuses, but the weight was the problem.

“He’s too fast. When I hit him he would laugh but I knew he felt my punches. I tried to work the speed, but the difference was the weight. If I had three or four fights at this weight I would’ve done better,” he continued.

Who’s next? Manny Pacquiao or Suger Shane Mosley?

  1. Mayweather is da best period…pacmac then mosely bitch ass o h8N ass niggga got n da ring wit extraz being disrepecful…money mayweather gone beat both they ass

  2. Noboady can’t mess with the best pound 4 pound in sports entertainment.He show’s that he can fight anybody just be prepare 4 battle when u step in da areana

  3. hands down mayweather dominated him all nite. so worth paying 2 c! and mosley way disrespectful tring to steal mayweather moment foul 4 dat shit.

  4. Manny Pacquaio will beat Cotto, Mayweather, and Mosley. Just wait and see.

  5. Money May is hella quick, but my boy from pomona is just as quick with more thump to his blows. Junk Yard Dogg 4 president!

  6. Mayweather needs to step up the competition and fight a real welterweight. Mosley can negate Mayweather’s speed. Bring on Mosley-Mayweather!

  7. Cotto will beat Paquiao…so, Cotto should fight Mayweather after that. Mosely is too old (he’s 38 yrs old) at this point to beat Mayweather, also Cotto beat Mosley already in 2007. So, the guy that Mayweather needs to beat in my opinion is Cotto, then, he could claim to be the best..but not after beating Marquez who came up two weight classes to fight, Hatton also came up in weight to fight Mayweather, are we seeing a pattern here, i think so.

  8. I say mayweather fight all 3 of em jus 2 prove sum shit..I really wnt him 2 get n mosely ass…the fight gonna happen ppl cus mosely been runin his mouth but ppl say mayweather been avoidn tha fight but after Saturday mosely knew wut he was doin he lowkey calld my boy out so I kno he ain’t finna look like a bitch cus tha world seen tht.mayweather nxt 2fights pacmac&mosley wit his old azz..

  9. Mayweather proved nothing by beating a LIGHTWEIGHT champ. Mayweather should be fighting someone his own size like Mosley, Cotto, and Pacquiao.

    I think out of the three, Pacquiao would hand Mayweather his first loss. Pac is just too quick and fast for Floyd. Pac will have his tune up fight against slow ass Cotto, then move on to Floyd.

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