Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Ready To Tie The Knot

2009-09-04 - Lamar Odom and Khloe KardashianIts only been a few weeks since they’ve started dating, but it looks like Khole Kardashian and Lakers star Lamar Odom are pretty serious about each other. So serious, they’re already going to get married.

According to a report from Us Magazine, the couple are getting married, and wanna do so before Odom heads to training camp for the upcoming NBA season.

“Khloe and Lamar want to get married before Lamar has to go away for training, and the [basketball] season starts up [this fall],” a source told the magazine.

“They are hoping to pull together a wedding within the next two weeks, so they can get married and have time for a honeymoon,” continues the source. “They haven’t decided where they will say ‘I Do,’ but they are scouting out numerous locations, including Khloe’s family home in Calabasas, [Calif.].”

Earlier this month, the pair started showing up around L.A. together after they met at Brody Jenner’s birthday party. Then, they followed up with a dinner date, and it’s been official ever since.

Odom told Us the two are “very happy” together, adding: “Khloe is smart and beautiful and that is very hard to find.”

Khloe’s older sister Kim also approves: “He’s a great guy,” she told E!

Odom will be in Los Angeles for a while now, after re-signing with the Lakers in the offseason for a reported $33 million for the next four years.

  1. Dont do it!I am going thru a Divorce right now too!Nothing last forever,i repeat dont do it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. whoaaaaa,That way 2 fast for dem to get married after weeks of dating.Slow down b4 u get ready

  3. This B**ch is a gold digger. She’s peddling her pu**y all over hollywood trying to marry some money. It’s disgusting the wa she goes from one man to the next in hopes of beng a kept woman. Khloe people can see right through you and it’s not a good look. You are a cheap trick lookin for some Black d**K. Odom is a sucker if he marries this bird.

  4. Andrea wake-up! This is a set-up, he has money and she’s out to get it. Watch how soon it’ll be before the baby is on the way. And somebody slap Lamar, he can’t be this stupid.

  5. Is he insane? This woman has the character of a billy goat. She is loud mouthed and absolutely after any man, black white or green for his…money. Wow!… we are looking at another OJ…my prayers are open to him. Whew!

  6. What a sucker. Lamar, it’s the money fool… And you are whipped. You’re getting what you deserve….

  7. Odom after a Few weeks Homie!! Fuck I’d radther u had went 2 another Team and Never Met her!! U trippin Homie!! Pre-Nup asap

  8. how stupid can u be Odom if you marry her. She just after yo money yo fool. You’ll be broke in a few years.

  9. come on peeps, I got a feeling this marraige is for publicity…. this brotha got kids from a failed relationship he knows the deal,and to get married after 1 month sounds fishy to me.
    If it was true love they would have planned the wedding for next year (if the relationship even lasted a year).
    Lamar trying to get his hollywood on… but why choose her, with all those fine dimes in L.A. TRIPPIN!

  10. Good luck LO….hopefully your selection in women is better than your shot selection.

  11. McCANTS from the timberwolves broke up with this bitch for a reason. lamar you from southside man wake up

  12. All I can say is he better have a prenup! Khloe is a gold digging beyotch who couldn’t wait to steal the spotlight from her sister Kim. The only reason she dates black men is because Kim does.

    p.s. Their mother is a big time gold digger.

  13. Come on Lamar don’t do it homie,she looks like a dude all them bad broads in Cali & you pick this pie face hoe,nigga she use to fuck with Rashad McCants & that scrub ass is nailed & glued to the bench,she just want her some black NBA dick,man we trying to repeat man Kobe don’t have but 3 more dominant years left

  14. Come on everybody maybe he loves her…Ok let me stop I don’t even believe that shit… Oh he needs the hell slapped out of him until he come to his sense.

  15. That fool is pussy whipped!!! He’s gonna learn dick goes in money then comes out, when she bounces his ass!!

  16. she got her own, image is everything and there both lonely so why not? the muts in the pound would fuck each other if they could so they have no excuse. yall stop hate n on dumb and dumber

  17. lamar…smh. i usually dont like to get in between relationships but this is too obvious.smh. lamar looked like a good dude 2, o well. gold diggers should die!

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