Logo - Vision Street WearAre you an 80s/90s baby? If you are, you might remember a cool skate clothing company called Vision Street Wear (VSW). They were super hot during that era, but then disappeared.

Guess what? They’re baacccck.

The company — who is recognized as one of the most original labels to emerge from the skateboarding fashion scene of the early 90s — have been relaunched, and have debuted a high-quality, authentic line of VSW shoes available exclusively at Finish Line.

Founded in 1976, VSW is known for re-defining skate and street style with its signature use of bold graphics on its sneakers, t-shirts and skate decks, and its designs have been worn by some of the most iconic skateboarders, including Christian Hosoi and Jason Lee, and legendary rockers like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Vision will continue to set itself apart from the small handful of truly authentic skate brands by embracing, in everything it does, the creative and independent attitude of skate and street culture and by teaming with quality retailers like Finish Line,” said Bruce Pettet, President and CEO of Collective Licensing International.


Currently, the line’s relaunch consists of mainly sneakers, but also rolled our a couple t-shirts for men and women. On their website, the men’s section carries 18 different styles of kicks, while the women’s has 9, and the kids section has 4.

Check out the new VSW collection at VisionStreetWear.com and FinishLine.com.

The entire collection is currently available exclusively at The Finish Line, following it’s official launch last month.