Poll Favors Juan Manual Marquez Over Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya To Twitter During Saturday’s Fight

2009-09-18 - Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel MarquezThe anticipated return of Floyd Mayweather is almost upon us. He will face Mexican superstar Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday (September 19) during their bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

So, what do the people think? Who will win?

According to a recent poll by LATimes.com, it’s Marquez.

Fifty-percent of those who voted have chosen Marquez, while 48% chose Mayweather, and 2% of people think the fight will be a draw.

“I am glad people think that Marquez is going to beat me,” said Mayweather. “It just gives me more motivation to prove them wrong tomorrow night.”

“I want to dedicate this fight to the Mexican people who are going to be here and all of the Mexican people around the world,” said Marquez. “This fight is the most important fight of my career, and I am going to put everything in the ring.”

In related news, the “Golden Boy”, Oscar De La Hoya, has officially joined Twitter users and will start “tweeting” during Saturday’s bout.

De La Hoya will be making regular “fight activity” updates and will “tweet” live from the official weigh-in on Friday (September 18), and then from ringside Saturday night.

Follow Oscar on Twitter at @OscarDeLaHoya.

The fight is also available on HBO Pay-Per-View, or live in theaters as a part of the promotion with NCM Fathom.

  1. floyd has always been scared to fight elite fighters in his own weight class, so instead he chose to fight marquez who is coming up from 135…still, i think marquez can win tommarow

  2. if you look at the latimes.com, their “poll” consists of 1500 people. That is highly not representative of the millions of people that will be watching. If you want to know who people think are going to win, look at the vegas odds. Mayweather is a heavy favorite! This is a training fight for the real bout for either Cotto/Pacquio *

  3. Weigh-in results: Floyd=146, Marquez=142… Floyd has to pay Marquez $600,000 for being two pounds above the 144 maximun weight limit that was agreed upon in the contract

  4. I can’t believe they charge $300,000 for each pound you’re overweight. Regardless, Mayweather still dominated the ring by a landslide, overweight or not.

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