Amber Rose Gets Styled By Kanye For Elle Spread

Kanye West’s arm candy keeps upping her profile, as she continues to land magazine article after magazine article. Her most recent spread can be seen in the October issue of Elle, where she is seen in an ensemble that is styled by Kanye himself.

2009-09-16 - Amber Rose in Elle

In the spread and article Rose talks about fashion choices with her man, their disagreements and more. One incident came when they attended the 125th Anniversary Gala of the Met. Kanye wanted her to wear a gown, but she chose to rock a white Alexander Wang wrap dress with a thigh-flashing slit.

“I didn’t want to wear a long gown,” Rose says. “So then we get to the Met and everybody has a long gown. I was like, great. I didn’t know what the Met was!”

2009-09-16 - Amber Rose in Elle

While some may think Amber’s fashion sense is too out there, somebody likes what she’s doing, because she’s reportedly landed a deal to launch her own line of sunglasses.

  1. She is Hot!Hey Kanye you should be lucky to have a Girl like dat,but you really not i guess!!!

  2. She’s still ugly and all she’s doing is trying to get a baby by him. She’s another Kim Porter, nobody knew who she was until she got with Puff. Amber is the same way

  3. wow what a fame whore…kanye sux now so what is she gonna do now?

  4. the ass ain’t real and she ain’t either. I seen a lot of fame whores but she ain’t one I would consider the type of eye candy I would like to lick. but seriously to each it’s own.

  5. Don’t like too many of those poses, but “the back shot is like WHOA!!!!” – Lil Cease, “Whoa Remix”

  6. People just “Jealous” she is so pretty and she will make. GO GIRL!!!!!!

  7. i dont think you have to dress skanky to be sexy and this pic is skanky

  8. These bitches need to stop ridin’ coat tails. that seems like a talent these days. but amber is bad as hell, i guess use what you got.

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