T-Pain Disses Jay-Z — Calls Him Old

2009-09-08 - T-Pain and Jay-ZDespite calling it great and saying it gave him inspiration when it dropped, T-Pain’s feelings toward Jay-Z’s single, “D.O.A.”, seemed to have changed recently.

While at a recent party at the Hard Rock’s pool in Las Vegas, otherwise known as Rehab, the auto-tune king dissed Jay-Z while DJ’ing the party.

Maybe he didn’t think the track is that great after all.

“Jay-Z is 59 years old. I don’t think he has the right to say what’s good and what’s not,” Pain said at the club Rehab while on the mic. “I think if anything is dead, it should be him. … To any Jay-Z fans out in the crowd, excuse the f*** outta me. But you don’t see me saying ‘rap is dead,’ even though it is. ‘Cause apparently all the rappers are trying to do T-Pain.”

Rapper Fabolous, who was in attendance alongside Rihanna, tweeted about it, saying he wasn’t feeling it.

“Yo I’m at Rehab in Vegas … T-Pain is DJ’ing … sayin f*** Jay-Z, he old blah, blah … guess it’s backlash from ‘D.O.A.,’ ” Fabolous wrote via a Twitter update (@MyFabolousLife).

“So I’m here with Rihanna … Drinkin’ son, strawberry/daiquiri … Not feeling the T-Pain Jay-Z dissing … Brooklyn,” he continued.

Despite T-Pain dissing Jay throughout his set, the following DJ decided to give Pain a dose of Hov.

According to Fab, he immediately played “D.O.A.,” followed by hits such as “Kingdom Come,” “Run This Town,” “Heart of the City,” and “H To The Izzo.”

Back in June, Pain joined Jay-Z onstage for a performance of “D.O.A.” at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert in New York, to show the pair were still cool.

Guess T-Pain wasn’t that cool with the track after all.

  1. LOL, whoever played the Jay-Z set after T-Pain got off the stage is automatically dope for doing that.

  2. TPain has no career without autotune so what is he to do? He has no talent and I think the world is fed up of hearing that annoyance.

  3. Fuck T Pain no talent having ass these niggas is retarded dissing Jay for what, people are tired of him,Wayne,Diddy & any of them using autotune for a substitute for a lack of creativity,props to the dj for throwing on a Jay set right after that coon got off the stage,you think the dj would have thrown a T Pain set on after Jay dissed him not,Kanye were you at you letting these crabs go at your big brother oh I forgot Jay was talking about you too aka you boys jeans too tight.

  4. funnae – here comes the jigga stans ready to kill a dude because he eat off of autotune but a couple of years back wasn’t yall in love with a stripper?

  5. KLuger im fed up with your annoyence u the type of mutha fuc*a that talk about sh!t and dont kno what the hell u talkn about. first off fuck t-pain but his first song im in love with a stripper it had no auto tune what so ever. And his biggest song to date was low with florider and you cant tell me that song wasent a hit.

  6. Fabolous is lame for this one i dont care what nobody say on here period if you love jay love him same with t-pain at the same time Fabolous should have kept his damn mouth shut.

  7. The DJ who dropped Jigga after this idiot talked smack is so DOPE!!!!!! Haha T-Pain you got punked by a DJ at your own show.

  8. fuck them both they both get on god dam nerves…..remember epmd “crossover” they should remake it for 2009 because rap has sold it self out ringtones,clothes,mixtapes,half hearted albums…..on and on …

  9. Idk like I feel wat t pain is sayin like I didn’t feel wat jay was sayin in d.o.a like really I don’t think he has tha right 2 b sayin wats right and wats wrong but t pain really needs 2 stop hatin cuz jay still got it

  10. T-pain career is abpout to be over. dude picked the wrong rapper to diss.Jay Get em Boy!!!

  11. I fucks wit bout of them the nigga prolly wuz drunk… but 2 say he has no talent and sellouts or wuteva the nigga makin $$$ he was song writer of the year a few years ago so if he doin auto tune or not u still dancin 2 it lmao… cuz if u in the car wit yo gurl and she like his song u not gonna change it lol… and as 4 Jay well that’s my nigga, cuz 4 yall sayin wut gives him the right to say this or that this nigga told dudes to change clothes and we all did lol…

  12. come on t pain came out with jayz when he dropped doa now he dissing him man its a lot of fake ass niggas in this world jay z was right when he tried to stop niggas from sounding like robots iam tired of that shit long live the king jayz and fuck tpain
    hes done

  13. T-Pain shouldnt let this ish faze him.He great at what he do and still going to make millions doing it. Now Jay Z has never had a number 1 hit by himself and fans wanna call this Blueprint 3 album classic..R U SERIOUS!! Im tired of hearing this rock pop hop that these rap artist coming out with including Jay z.He’s good but no where near big or pac the two greatest to ever do it and who is Fabolous this dude should throw his career in a bag

  14. t pain need to sit his ugly, retarded looking a** down some where. He was cool when Jay first put out DOA and eben appeared live with him. He will never have the talent, class, and skill Jay have. Jay is not only a rapper he is a very successful, well respected business man. T pain you are garbage for this one, coon looking a**!!!

  15. t-pain sucks, jay-z’s dope, and why do people exaggerate to prove a point, jay-z is 39, not 59, thats only, oh , twenty years off. again, i’ll say it as plainly as possible, t-pain is embarrasing, hes a joke, he looks fuckin rediculous, and jay-z is dope and is married to a hot chick, with her own money by the way

  16. Jay Z is a hater with no shame. he bites Biggie and Pacs lyrics to no end but gets mad when TPain revives the Autotune made famous by Roger Troutman. Do YOu TPain, and fuck Gay Z

  17. …at some point everyone has to realize times change. if everything remained the same it would lose it’z pizzazz. the key elements of artistry is freedom and variety. though T-Pain iznt my hero, from an overall perspective he has added a new branch of life to a stale, redundant, humdrum hiphop era. …and to the dum phuque above, Roger Troutman didn’t use auto-tune a$$h0le, he had his own signature talk box. …and phuque Jay-Z!

  18. HATERS 59 or 19 Jigga has class,a plan and some business about himself. TPain your an over-nighter and can come to an end as quickly as it started…..

  19. all yall weak on boss tpain hard as fuck jay z whack ass hell n yall momas sucked his dick

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