2009-09-02 - James ToneyProfessional heavyweight boxer, James Toney, is set to get back into the ring this month, as he faces journeyman heavyweight Matthew Greer at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula, California on September 12.

While even James admits the upcoming bout won’t bring him back to the status he once had as the heavyweight champion, he says its just the beginning of his road back to greatness.

“Everybody say it’s just a tune-up, but I never say a fight is a tune-up because it’s somebody that’s gonna get they ass whopped. I’m gonna take care of him, and I’m going off to bigger and better things,” Toney tells BallerStatus.com, after a morning workout at his gym in Reseda, California, 360 Health Club.

That “bigger and better” he’s talking … is hopefully at chance to face one of the Klitschko “sisters” as he calls them — Wladimir or Vitali. Either one will do, according to Toney.

When he does though, the boxer says he’ll be ready. Toney has been in the gym the past nine months, going through a grueling training regimen he referred to as “straight up hell,” which has trimmed him down to 209 lbs (at the time of this interview). With new found motivation behind, Toney is ready to take what he says belongs to him before he finally retires.

After all, he is 41 years old.

“I’ve never started something I couldn’t finish,” said Toney. “I told everybody that I’mma retire as the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world, and I’mma do that … soon. It’s just a matter of time of me getting back in there, and getting sharp again.”

With no one placing their bets on Greer, Toney should be able to prove he’s serious about getting his boxing career on track.

Aside from the fighting, Toney is also using the upcoming fight to diversify his business portfolio. He plans to sell a live stream of it directly on his official website (JamesToney.com) for $5.95.

However, at press time, Toney’s camp says this option may not be available before fight night. But, the plans are in place, and Toney is looking at new, innovative ways to appeal to his fanbase.

“I hate computers. I’m not gonna … I hate f***ing computers. My daughter be on the computer every night, my wife be on the computer every night,” Toney said of the idea. “Everybody showed me a faster way to watch stuff on the net. Everybody telling me it’s the wave of the future, and blazay, blazay. They telling me, let’s do this and get it there for fans. Whatever we need to make it happen, we make it happen.”

In addition to live streams of his fights, his website will also become a fan’s heaven for everything James Toney. Not only will his upcoming vitamin line be for sale, but he’ll also be selling off memorabilia, such as boxing gloves he worn during his many fights, James Toney gear and more.

As of right now, though, Toney is focused on boxing, and Matthew Greer is his next target.

If you are in the Southern California area, tickets for Toney’s upcoming bout are for sale at Pechanga’s official website (Pechanga.com). Prices are as follows: ringside is $150, VIP is $110, and general admission will be $75.00.

In addition to Toney, undefeated super middleweight Andre Ward will take on Shelby Pudwill for the main event, while four other undercards will also take place.

Check back next week for our full, in-depth interview with James Toney, in which he discusses his time away, his thoughts on boxing’s appeal with the rise of MMA, and of course, new business dealings … (cough) reality show?