Usher’ Ex, Tameka Foster-Raymond, Breaks Silence About Divorce

2009-09-01 - Tameka Upscale MagIt’s been almost three months since Usher filed for divorce from Tameka Foster-Raymond, but both have been pretty quiet about the whole ordeal, with nothing but speculation and hearsay circulating among gossip circles.

Usher’s ex has finally broken her silence, recently sitting down with Upscale Magazine for an exclusive interview, where she talks about the marriage falling apart among other things.

Below are a few of the excerpts from the interview:

“This Oakland Native is a walking contradiction. She’s sophisticated yet around-the-way; Tough but vulnerable. She’s serious minded but always joking and laughing. On blogs she’s ripped apart for unflattering pictures; in person she’s attractive and chic.”

“As a world renowned celebrity stylist she’s created memorable looks for Lauryn Hill (bangles, boots, Balenciaga), Jay-Z (the button-downs), Toni Braxton (the barely there Richard Tyler) and Usher (the magnificently fitted coat he donned at the inauguration was her ode to a retiring Valentino.)”

“She takes me on a tour of her luxurious trilevel condo (no it’s not her home). It’s more like a boutique hotel than headquarters for her design and styling company, Swanky Image Group. The entire third floor has a living room, kitchen and bedroom – is fragrant with Jo Malone and Acqua Di Parma candles. Lanvin and Axil Vervoordt books adorn the coffee table. Her almost floor to ceiling bookshelf boasts titles like Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale,” “The Way of the Wizard” by Deepak Chopra and Robin Norwood’s “Women Who Love Too Much.””

“Though the blogosphere reports that the couple has been separated since July 2008, Tameka says her husband threw her an elaborate party to celebrate her birthday this year which logically counters the separation reports.”

“I understand where all the negativity comes from”, she says. “Unfortunately I think that some black women are – subconsciously – not in love with the image they see in the mirror. Therefore in turn they do not love someone like me. I look too much like them. They would definitely have preferred my husband marry someone more exotic looking. I was not given a fair shot. People passed judgment without getting to know me. How can you get the entire concept of who I am from a blog?”

“The dissolution of marriage is always upsetting. You have the expectation that it will work. But, you know what? it didn’t work. But he’s (Usher) a great guy. I will always love him.”

Tameka and Usher married in August 2007. Throughout their relationship, both seemed to be in each other’s corners, despite the blogosphere reporting otherwise on a constant basis. In the end, there were rumors of infidelity, gold digging and more.

Maybe her Upscale interview can clear things up.The issue, featuring the exclusive with Tameka, hits newsstands this week.

  1. I am exotic looking and I am black. She has an inner problem that she is throwing over the wall not to deal with. So she can take her bullshit and flush it!!!

  2. He probably has a new boyfriend by now. He is a lame-o, and should get that big nose fixed with all that millions

  3. Where is she getting this that we dont like her bc she is darkskinned. As a black woman I love to see successful black men with black women. We did not like you bc his momma did not like you and we knew something was up. She needs to check her own insecurities instead forcing them onto to others!!

  4. @ uwannaplay—u saying now he needs a nose job and as soon as he gets 1 u gonna be right back on here talking shit about that too, btw what does that have to do with his divorce???

  5. Sounds like the blame game to me! I think I’m GORGEOUS no matter who says differently. What is exotic exactly? Sounds to me like she continued to live in his past, Chilli.

  6. stay out of there business and leave these people alone take care of your own problems

  7. Tameka is right..besides just because momma did not like her does not mean she ia a bad person that happens a lot..poor woman has been attacked so have to be mean spirited and have major issues(mental too) to write such nasty crap about a complete stranger..

  8. perhaps she needs to look into the mirror. I have several friends who have had to do photo shoots of her over the past couple years and everyone hates it. No one wanted to work with her. They say she is rude and disrespectful.

  9. I am glad they are getting a divorce. i dont know WHAT usher was thinking marrying her in the first place she is too old for him, i dont even think she is that pretty

  10. Ummmm….Tameka…don’t flatter yourself. YOUR ISSUE IS WITH YOUR EX-HUSBAND. I think it’s safe to say that no one realistically cares whether he married an “exotic” beauty or not but frankly while you’re at it, the old saying is, a man would either get a woman similar in looks OR BETTER in looks compared to what he had before. Yet, he didn’t exactly “step up” from Chili or even remain in the same category when he conveniently decided to marry you. So, channel your energy from within AND ASK HIM WHAT WENT WRONG….don’t find a scapegoat by making the comment/suggestions you’ve made regarding YOUR divorce.

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