Jay-Z Says The Game and Jim Jones Are No Competition

2009-09-01 - Jay-Z XXL coverThese days, it’s cool to beef with hip-hop greats. For a rapper, it seems like a quickest way to get some attention.

Jay-Z has become the target of attacks as of late. While Jim Jones has always disliked the Brooklyn rapper, The Game has been on the war path, dissing Jay at a string of concert appearances overseas, in which he calls Jay “old” and “washed up.”

Jay has only responded briefly, calling the Game a “groupie,” and most recently, via a coverstory for XXL, says he’s the rapper’s “idol.”

“Game, I’m his f***in’ idol,” said Jay. “If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you … it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension.”

The former Def Jam head said lyrical enemies like Game and Jim Jones do not serve as competition to him, and aren’t even on his level, so why even respond?

“That type of competition doesn’t do anything for me,” Jay tells the mag. “It’s almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they’re to set you up, and everybody. It’s just dumb. It’s not in the spirit of competition, because he’s not competition for me. He’s not. Not then, not ever — he’d have to improve considerably. Competition for me competition is Nas, Eminem.

“How do I respond to that? I can’t win. If I win, then they’ll be like, ‘See. Now chill. You’re a f***in’ bully.’ And if manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it’s like ‘Oooooh.’ It’s not even fun.,” he continued.

Jay goes on to explain that he’s moved beyond hip-hop beef … well, simply because who has the time? Especially, when you’re making that Jay-Z money.

“Like, before I did it, because I would diss anybody,” he admits. “Now who has time to do this sh** everyday? But before, when I was running after the little fat nigga from Ma$e’s camp, I was doing anybody. Anybody said anything. If I thought you said something. When I was running in the streets, I wanted all that type of activity. Nobody wanted nothing. Now everybody’s a tough guy.”

To read the full interview with Jay-Z, pick up the October issue of XXL, which hits newsstand September 15.

  1. He’s right, but after hearing Blueprint 3, I don’t fully agree with the statement that the Game aint on his level. Maybe Jay’s not fully “washed up”, but he’s definitely flatlining.

  2. it’s true Jay is way too busy to rap on and on about Jim and Game. Besides one of them pants is too tight and the other has a butterfly tattoo. You can’t get respect when you act suspect.

  3. How is he going to say beef is dumb than admit to beefing with anyone whe he was younger? The old ass man admits to being dumb when he was younger…. Sorta like Game if you ask me. Game is a young stud looking to rip anything that breathes. The old man once had the fire but got old, game over!

  4. Jay-Z is FAR from the greatest rapper alive or ever, he is just a really wise business man. He sold himself as the best rapper after B.I.G. passed and all the idiots bought it. He is a good MC, but the best…PLEASE!

  5. Jay on that grown man shit what he looks like beefing with a nigga with a butterfly on his face that one minute crying the next minute tellin G-unit he sorry damm when did that shit become gangsta?????????and Jim you got to sell more then 40,000 CD’s before you can beef with anyone.

  6. Game is not on Jay’s level sorry. If he was then he would still be relavent. Gaymes career went down the drain with the G-unit beef. Niggas got tired of hearing him drop Dre’s name a million times.He wanted to retire early because “interscope” fuck up his money. We don’t play Gayme’s shit in the west. This nigga is too obsessive with Dre and Jay. He’s a fag!

  7. I dare Game to try to battle Jayz wit out name dropping. he cants do it! listin to all his cd and mix tapes, name one song where he dont drop a name. hes a good rapper but not a mc.

  8. Been listenin to rap for a long time. I hear rappers always spittin about some anonymous dude that they’re better than but when someone calls them out then they don’t wanna ‘beef’. U wanna be considered the best…prove it.

  9. While it’s true that the Game is not on the same level as Jay (as much as you would like to think otherwise, he is not YET)the Game is certainly one of the few rappers who are seen as legitimate by ol’ skool and contemporary rappers. But I think Jay-Z has lost a lot of legimitacy by going pop, becoming way too far removed from the circumstances that gave him the fodder for his art and proclaiming himself as the greatest when there half a dozen rappers better than him.

  10. 1. Ja Rule was victimized (successfully) for hanging around with J-Lo and Ashanti right? Well, Jay hangs around with Rihanna and is married to Beyonce and makes appearances on her tracks. Not that that is a bad thing. More power to you if you do, but one can’t have dual standards for other artists. Jay-Z is evidently a pop artist now.

  11. 2. He is too far removed from the conditions that provided him with the material to have meaningful lyrics. Again, most people incuding me are delighted to see him succeed. But his music was based entirely on hustling. Well folks, he hustled his way to the top. And he’s still trying to make us believe he’s a hustler??

  12. 3. Also, his lyrical content has changed overnight. The last 3 albums were nothing but a vulgar indulgence in repetitive boasting how he’s the man, the brother with success, riches, clout, unparalleled pull. With the videos showing him driving benz in picturesue mountains and carrying a brightly lit firetorch.

  13. Sadly that might resonate with kids whose parents are on the boards of Fortune 500 companies but hardly resonates with the larger rap audience. Again, I’m not knocking down his content. It is fair and accurate, but not relevant to the audience he claims to be loved and respected by.

  14. So Jay, congratulations on all the success, but you resemble a man with a hyper-inflated ego who cannot stop obssessing about yourself and your possessions. That jigga, is the very antithesis of rap music.

  15. Man game would get on jay wit 16 bars his flow are to sick for jay z I haven’t hear of jay z makeing a cd for the longest!!!

  16. I think the fans are entitled to their own opinion on who they think the best is. Sales only means that the majority rules, so if that’s the case, soulja boy and lil wayne are hands down sitting on the thrown right now. Me personally, my favorite MC is Tray Deee. Can’t nobody tell me that Deee can’t lyrically destroy Jay Z & Game at the same time.

  17. all i hear is glup when you all sucking this muthafukas dick jay-z ain’t shit scarface rap better than that fool and snoop dogg,ice cube to game needs to step it up make this red album classic put to rest audio tune and gansta pop dam same…

  18. If feels good to know hov thinks like his fans because we all said that…why battle game if he’s not lyrical of better yet on your level!!! Even little girls that dont know much about hip hop know that…game? Jim jones? lol yeah right!!!

  19. If anybody know hip hop they know krs one and jay-z are officially the greatest of all time! Dull clowns…he has different material music with a aim to make different classic hip hop is like a layer back boss james bond type…his lyrics are still hot listen to success…history…n his IGNORANT SHIT song cuz that a shut all yall washed up beleivers…men lie women lie numbers don’t…jay-z so check da numbers clowns…

  20. Damn – well as much as I don’t want to admit it he shut both of them down and they might as well forget about it!!! 2 fingers.

  21. Yeah I think though if he battled either one of them they would give him a run for his scrilla!!!

  22. 1st well wisher stfu, u are lame. 2ed not a big jay fan like i used to b. but the new album is nice i have to admit

  23. LMAO @ George…fuck game and jim jones. Jay-Z is the best rapper alive and until either on of them make a album halfway as hot as The Black Album, Blueprint 1 or 2, Reasonable Doubt, A hard knock life, or any other Jay-Z album they can get lost!!!

  24. few MC’s in the RapGame can get on Jay’s level… his ONLY COMP is plain & simple…you have to look at the Top 5 of any list (Cube, Face, Em, Rakim, Pac, Big, Raekwon, etc.)…… if it aint them names, then it aint his level….
    this is like the NFL Houston Texans playing the Steelers….NO COMPETITION!

    Jim Jones & Game got about 8-10 more years of product to produce before they can step to JAY


  25. Who cares what those 2 Stans think one clown pure garbage with no skills with a homo following & the other one bipolar with a butterfly tattoo covered by a LA sigh who I will admit lyrically is a beast but comes across as a jilted lover scorned by Jay,truth be told Game last album was average & homegirl has 4 solo albums & one hit so fuck em both they need catalog before they go at Jay it’s like Toni Kukoc beefing with Jordan fall back ladies

  26. Game’s career has not been the greatest but he’s sold 8-9 million with 3 cd’s in an age that digital downloads rule. Hell, I haven’t bought a Game CD but give his music much radio play. I think Game took off too fast, veered to the left and is trying to vet straight again. Fucking off his connection with Dre lost him millions of dollars and millions of record sales. Game is showing he can make solid songs with other people but lacks the consistancy he would have with Dre.

  27. Jay-Z is like Jordan, he was able to capitalize on the fact that the rap game was weak. It’s like Jordan racking up titles after Magic and Bird left. Jordan was dope, he wasn’t winning shit at first though. Same as Jay-Z, he was dope but was able to take advantage of Pac and Biggie being gone.

  28. i heard jay’s album and to be honest is nowhere near his past accomplishments…i hate to admit it but he is slowly deteriorating from the hip hop scene..this is the time where he has to ask himself if its worth tainting his legacy over trying to stay on top of the rap game

  29. B3 is no classic, but it definitely ain’t garbage. 11 albums deep and his track record is still better than any other emcee in the game. He’s got 3 true classics: Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint 1 and American Gangster… not even Nas or Talib Kweli or Mos Def or KRS-One or Rakim can say that shit. Vol. 2 was the worst he could do and the rest is straight. Let the man get his grown man on… no need to be squabblin with these fuckin tikes.

  30. Well I will say that these dudes help with the promotion of jigga’s new album. I don’t think that I could call jim or game hot trash. They are infants in the main game but the mixtape game they are top dawgs. Jigga hasn’t smitting me in a while but then again – I can’t be fooled by him any more because I am a grown ass woman.

  31. Thank God for hip hop, if biggie and pac was alive no one would ever thing folks would dis their success and that just where jigga at, shit but then again niggas always looking at trees and missin the forrest. All mc’s rapper’s dj’s. whatever have fun and make money, just let folks play there part. Southside

  32. Thank God for hip hop, if biggie and pac was alive no one would ever think folks would dis their success and that just where jigga at, shit but then again niggas always looking at trees and missin the forrest. All mc’s rapper’s dj’s. whatever have fun and make money, just let folks play there part. Southside

  33. No disrespect!but please jay doesn’t rap as good as he used to!Washed up..hum…I Think so!(what’s up with this pop sh*t? Grown or not!)

  34. Jay said it like it is. He’s got no time for none of that non sense, He’s got bigger fish to fry, besides the lame game is as fake as Pamela Anderson’s tits. Shout out to Jay, Fif, Em, and all the real rappers out there. Peace…..

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