Joe Budden and Tahiry Call It Quits?

Joe Budden and TahiryWord is, rapper Joe Budden has broken up with his girl Tahiry, who he helped create a buzz for online, via his Joe Budden TV vlog series.

On Saturday (August 29), the rapper seemed to confirm the rumors with a tweet that simply read: “It’s official over.”

Then, shortly after, followed with:

“My sick brain thought that announcing it would make me feel better about it…. so much 4 that… i’m F***ED UP right now…,” Budden wrote. “Never knew u had a issue w lust, we can get thru nething n this world if the issues discussed, was it a whole separate issue or a issue w us.”

According to a video posted at WorldStarHipHop, the rumor is that the couple split after Budden confronted Tahiry over another man’s number in her cellphone.

We’re not sure how official this is right now, so stay tuned.

Update: So, Joe confirmed the break-up early Monday morning (August 31), on Twitter, but vowed to get Tahiry back. “When it rains it pours.. i’ve been thru much worse 4 much longer, this 2 shall pass… oh yeah, i’ll be damned if i don’t get my girl back,” he wrote.

  1. wow money seems you got it bad.
    somebody will love you better no excuse for lust,lust leads to cheating,cheating lead to violence and x,y & z hold yo head bro.

  2. Yo hold urs and keep it moving bro. You make good music and thats all what matters. When these honeys come and go all you have @ the end of the day is music.

  3. She left that non rappin lame because of his impregnated thub ewwww!

  4. surprise surprise…i saw this coming from a mile away…now that tahiry’s ass is gone watch budddens internet “career” go down the toilet

  5. man joe budden so weak now its my turn to get some of that! Man u take more ls than Charles Hamilton.

  6. “Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” Move on!

  7. Saw this one coming,she had become to big for local Joe, she’ll be pregnant by Lil Wayne by the end of the year,I still can’t believe Lauren London Is having this trolls baby

  8. Damn with an ass like hers… I feel you! But you can’t train a hoe to be a house wife. For now she is an industry rat…You shouldve known you couldn’t wife that up especially without making that basketball dough or that Jay-Z, diddy dough. Sucka. A lil advice Joe! ain’t no pussy like new pussy!

  9. Wow, I never knew young black nikk*s could fall in love, especialy rappers! Now That’s the front page news in ALL of this! (fainting….thud!)

  10. Man, things ain’t going great for Mr Budden as of late. First he gets punched in the face and then his girl leaves him. Dam son

  11. She was cool. That shit always happens.

    She got half way big and left.

    It’s Cool they should be alright

  12. Damn name hey if u love go get your girl back break up to make up.

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