Fabolous Talks Life Comparisons To Main Character of ‘Carlito’s Way’, Updates On Clothing Line

FabolousEarlier this week, Fabolous kicked off his Reebok concert series during its launch event in New York’ss Chinatown district. The seasoned rap veteran performed new tracks off his latest project, Loso’s Way, as well as some of his vintage cuts dating back to his first album. The overwhelming female support was very visible, as the crowd packed into the venue at lightning speed. Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 warmed the crowd with some of his favorite old school classics, as well as a very heart felt tribute to Michael Jackson.

Once the lights dimmed, Fabolous hit the ground running with new material. The energy was undeniable, people were chanting these newly penned lyrics as if they had grown up on them. This showed how loyal his fanbase is, and how he is still embraced by the younger generation of consumers. As the show wound down, everyone seemed very pleased with his energetic performance and headed towards the exit signs.

Ballerstatus.com was able to sit with a very visibly tired Loso and speak on his future, his new album, and his Rich Yung clothing line.

BallerStatus.com: How does “Carlito’s Way” mirror your life, and why did it inspire you to make it the theme of your new album?

Fabolous: I watched the story and I saw Carlito come out of jail and try to do bigger and better things. Through doing that, there are trials and tribulations. Everyone’s life has ups and downs. I watched that and that’s the same way my life has been. Looking at my life, I’ve been through a bunch of curves, peaks and valleys,[and] at the same time, my objective is to get to a bigger and better place. With me, it’s just musically, but that’s where our story was similar.

BallerStatus.com: When can we expect some music from the Neyo-Loso album?

Fabolous: Neyo actually just sent me a joint, and I’m working on a joint, so I could send him. It’s just a situation where we probably won’t be able to work in the studio together that much. So we just send each other stuff back and forth. I really can’t tell you when a single will be coming, but we are trying to work with Ryan Leslie, and make that chemistry and magic happen.

2009-08-28 - Fab performing

BallerStatus.com: Being that you dropped your previous manufacturer for your Rich Yung Clothing Line, when will the public receive the next season?

Fabolous: We’re coming. We dropped that manufacturer and gained another one. We got with some guys who really saw our vision, who can really take our sh** to the next level. Right now, they are looking further than pushing clothes, they want to do accessories and bags, things like that. I just got a sample duffel bag. I’m hype about it, and it was just to show how far they wanted to go with the line. By fall/winter, we will be out there. I just got some stuff dropped off at the crib, my partner dropped me some winter stuff, so it’s going to be crazy.

BallerStatus.com: How is fashion now as opposed to when you first came into the game?

Fabolous: You see now people are wearing more fitted stuff, but you have to be mindful — keep an eye on the street, and notice what is tasteful for everybody. Certain people are still wearing the same stuff, but certain people are doing it a little different. The hipster style is in, but with us, we always had a different kind of brand where we liked a lot of vintage Polo. We try to keep that element, mix it up season-wise, that way if your feeling a season, you can jump on it. You may not be so crazy about the next season, but then we may come back and blow your mind again. So we are just staying seasonal with it, keepin’ it coming and keepin it fresh.

2009-08-28 - Fab performing

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