Pitbull Honored With Keys To The City Of Miami

Pitbull proudly holding the key to Miami (Photo: NYLA Communications Group)
Pitbull proudly holding the key to Miami (Photo: NYLA Communications Group)

Rapper Pitbull has repped for his city, Miami, since debuting in 2004 with M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is a Major Issue. He’s brought the city’s lifestyle to the forefront with a slew of up-tempo club bangers, and now MIA is repping for him.

According to the Miami Herald, the 28-year-old rapper (real name: Armando Christian Perez) was honored on Wednesday (August 19) at the Miami City Hall with a key to the city.

“I can’t help but keep staring at it, because it’s something I’ve worked so hard for,” Pitbull said, looking upon his gold key. “I’m very passionate about Miami.”

The Miami Commissioner Thomas Regalado present Pitbull with the key during the morning ceremony.

“Pitbull not only lives in Miami, but he’s been traveling the country and the world sharing a positive message of Miami,” Regalado said. “So, we should honor not only the dignitaries that visit, but those individuals who make a positive impact on the city.”

During his acceptance speech, the rapper spoke about educating himself despite spending most of his time “in the streets” to make ends meet.

“Miami has built my character, and it has taught me a lot about life and helped me in my career,” Pitbull said.

Pitbull, also known as Mr. 305 (a reference to Miami’s area code), is gearing up for the release of his fourth album, Rebelution, which already boasts a slew of hit singles such as “Krazy”, “Calle Ocho” and his latest single “Hotel Room Service.”

The album is set for release August 31.

  1. I dont like Pitbull at all. Vengeance is mine loves the dude. Its cool do ur thang Little Vengeance. Little buddy

  2. Hey, he is one of a kind and he stay makin hits.. Nuff said.

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