Bow Wow Inks Deal With Cash Money Records

Bow Wow

Bow WowAll day Sunday (August 16), rapper Bow Wow has been hinting at a “big” announcement on his Twitter page (@Bowwow614), saying he’d let the cat out the bag when the clock strikes midnight on Monday.

Bow also posted a video on his YouTube page, speaking of a mystery announcement that would be coming soon. “People have been wondering where I’ve been,” the rapper said in a video. “For the past days, I’ve been here, keeping away from all human contact. Thinking. Strategizing my next move. I’ll come out of hiding when it is time. This is a new me. A new look, for now. This is all you see. The mystery continues.”

We’ll we’ve gotten wind of some news in his music career that may or may not be his announcement — that he’s signed with a new record label … Cash Money Records.

Two reliable insiders revealed to that the new deal with Cash Money Records is done … a wrap. However, nothing has been officially announced just yet.

Update: Bow Wow confirmed the info we broke earlier today with a post on his Twitter page: “its official BOW WOW IS A CASH MONEY MILLIONAIRE”

“It’s the triple threat Bow, Wayne, Drake. Its about to be real stupid,” Bow explained, via a UStream session. “Any Bow Wow fan that I let down … what I am getting ready to do, I got y’all. I apologize to the fans that I let down. It’s finna to go down. Its on now, baby. Me, Drake and Weezy … let’s get to the money.”

The terms of the deal were unknown at press time. It’s also unknown what the first project Bow Wow will release via the new deal will be. But, it’s rumored his next album would be titled The Transition To Shad Moss.

In the meantime, the rapper said he plans to release a new mixtape titled Green Light with DJ Ill Will to hold over fans, and will be working on a new movie with Ice Cube called “Lottery Ticket” before hopping into the lab to work on his Cash Money Records debut.

Bow Wow has been signed with Columbia/So So Def since dropping his debut in 2000. Six albums later, it seems it’s time for a change.

Stay tuned for updates.

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