Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey Film In Marcy Projects For Upcoming ‘Oprah Show’?

2009-08-10 - Jay Oprah

Jay-Z brought Oprah Winfrey to the Marcy projects in Brooklyn recently, for one of her upcoming shows, said reports.

The rapper escorted the billionaire talk show queen to Marcy, and Bed Stuy on Lexington Ave. and Lewis Ave. where he drew up before moving to Marcy as a child.

The day was reportedly being filmed for an upcoming episode of her daily “Oprah” show where Jay would be featured and talk about life growing up in the projects.

Rumor has it, Rihanna joined the two giants for the filming as well.

At press time, we were unable to confirm the rumors. Stay tuned for updates.

  1. when billionaries come to the hood thats presidential top of the line grade A character,excellent example of giving back.

  2. you never know what the two are up to when visiting this area,maybe a rec. hall,upgraded projects,a community park upgraded public housing, a hotel that could possibly offer jobs to the people of their community. open your mind and know its not just a friendly visit.

  3. thought oprah didn’t like rappers or rap music
    she beat luda down when he was on her show
    i think its a set up to bash another rap artist *puts in ice cube’s death certificate*

  4. My mind is open, you have a good heart but that doesn’t mean they do. It’s promotion, that’s why they’re there. Remember he tried the hotel thing but not in Marcy.

  5. WTFITS!!!!!! This is very sad!!! two rich folks going to the projects ? for what?

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