Joe Budden, Raekwon Collide Backstage At L.A. Rock The Bells — Budden Gets Punched

By Ronnie Gamble  |  08/09/2009

2009-08-09 - Raekwon and Joe BuddenThe California tour stop for Rock The Bells went down without a hitch on Saturday (August 8), but one person had a bad night ... his name was Joe Budden.

Earlier in the evening, the rapper was confronted by Wu-Tang member Raekwon and his entourage backstage at the event. According to witnesses backstage, words were exchanged and the two rappers went their separate ways.

Budden later headed to his dressing room, where he began to stream live from backstage at the concert, via It is unknown if he had addressed the previous run-in via the live feed though.

While streaming, Raekwon and his entourage stormed into Joe's dressing room for all to see. However, the feed cuts off after a few minutes.

When it re-emerged, Joe Budden is seen holding an ice page to his eye, while addressing the incident calling it a "faggot move", which he says he'll say to Raekwon once he's able to round up members of his own crew to confront him.

He claims that the Wu-Tang member asked for an apology, which he obliged (only because he was outnumbered), and then was punched in the eye by a member of Rae's crew who was much bigger than him.

"Im alright," Budden says on the response video. "They shake my hand, force an apology out of me ... I didn't wanna do that." On his Twitter, Joe wrote: "Brand new, I ain't got a scratch on me. I should've twitpiced n****s hidin in their dressin room, lol..."

The entire incident was filmed by members of Raekwon's crew, and is expected to leak to the internet soon.