Kidz In The Hall To Embark Into The Land of Make Believe

Kidz In The HallRapper-producer duo, the Kidz In The Hall, have been hard at work since their 2008 Duck Down Records release, The In Crowd, and are are gearing up for their next album.

They are embarking on their next journey into the Land of Make Believe. For Naledge, the duo’s MC, he sees the project as “the moment we have worked for has come to a crossroad.”

“We strive for success in this music industry, but we have never taken time to look ourselves in the mirror and analyze what this industry has made us,” said Naledge. “As a lyricist, I used this album to serve as a soundtrack to my aspirations and to my downfalls, but also as a chance to evaluate who I am as a man compared to whom I envisioned myself to be.”

Examining the current climate of our world today, the forthcoming project is a timely reminder for us all to take a step back and analyze how we can strive to be better and achieve more.

Double-O highlights this further by saying that: “The Land of Make Believe is different things for different people. For us it is the space between where we are now as artists, and where we feel we should be. It’s the idea that until you actually get to your destination or goal you have to act like you are already there.”

The first single from the album is titled “Flickin’,” and is currently available at. The duo calls it “a prime example of dichotomy of imagination and reality.”

The title is a colloquial Chicago term.

” ‘Flickin’ is the idea that at any point in time something is photo-ready or picturesque,” explains Naledge of the single. “When I was younger it was used to describe a person’s car, shoes, haircut, or outfit. Any material possession with physical beauty.”

“Confidence is key,” Double-0 adds, “The song should make you feel good when you look in the mirror regardless of what you have on.”

Just last year, following the release of The In Crowd, the Kidz in the Hell upped their profile, having their videos land on national video networks such as MTV and BET. Then, went on to land exciting licensing deals to have their music featured in EA Sports’ Madden 09, Rockstar Game’s Midnight Club LA, Activision’s Pimp My Ride 2 and EA Sports’ NBA Live 2010.

Land of Make Believe is due October 13.

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